3 Best Ways To Adapt Your Granny Annexe Showeroom For Elderly Relatives

"3 Of The Best Ways To Adapt Your Granny Annexe Bathroom For Elderly Relatives"

Granny annexes are most people’s preferred choice when it comes to taking care of the people they care about the most in their twilight years. Not only do they give you and your relatives peace of mind, they can also be easily built ready adapted to suit their needs, especially when it comes to the bathroom.

One of the easiest things to do if you have elderly relatives to care for is to adapt the showeroom of your granny annexe to suit their needs. The latest shower or vanity unit may look fantastic to you but when it comes to granny annexes and showerooms / bathrooms, practical bathrooms win hands down every time.

Retrospectively doing this type of adaptation can be very expensive; (a recent neighbour of ours just spent £16,000 on installing a lift from ground floor to first floor) that’s a quarter of the cost of one of our smaller Huscore annexes. And that’s without any adaptations to the bathroom.

It makes sense to think everything through when it comes to granny annexe living because this is your chance to make sure your loved ones have everything they need now and in the future. And that’s what we delight in helping you with.

Feature Article: 3 Best Ways To Adapt Your Granny Annexe Showeroom For Elderly Relatives

"3 Of The Best Ways To Adapt Your Granny Annexe Bathroom For Elderly Relatives"

1. Think About Installing A Wet Room

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Wet rooms are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them but for some people they are simply the most sensible solution when it comes to bathing, especially if mobility becomes an issue.

With all surfaces being kept very easy to clean and no nooks and crannies to harbour any potential germs, installing a wet room like the one above is often the best solution to caring for your relatives needs and maintaining cleanliness to the highest possible standards.

2. A Seat In The Shower May Offer The Best Solution

"adapting granny annexe bathroom"

There are those that love a bath and those that love a shower and although over shower baths are a great space saver they are not very practical when it comes to elderly relatives trying to clamber in and out of them.

The walk in baths with doors seem the ideal solution to some people but you have to sit in the bath waiting for it to fill and then sit in the bath waiting for the water to drain away each time you have a bath to be able to operate the walk in door.

We find that a compromise can be reached by installing a seat in the show like the one above.

Additionally shower wall is far better than tiles and grout and for the flooring we recommend Polysafe Hydro as a bathroom safety solution.

The vinyl flooring range is designed in a way which incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl and a raised pimple emboss for added grip and underfoot safety. The assurance of sustainable slip resistance is further enhanced with the ranges’ high durability ensuring years of performance in continually wet, barefoot and shod areas. The range is available in a variety of colours.

3. Hand Rails Are A Must Have

"adapting granny annexe bathroom"

We always maintain a modern feel to all our adapted granny annexe bathrooms wherever possible and for some of our customers a shower cubicle with low access offers the only way they feel safe.

Not everyone likes the open space feeling of a wet room and shower cubicles offer your elderly relatives a way that they feel they cannot slip or fall.

Hand rails are always important to think about in adapted granny annexe bathrooms as anything that helps your relatives and loved ones retain as much independence as possible will be essential.

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  1. Granny annexe showerooms need to be modern, clean and practical.
  2. A wet room is often the best solution for a granny annexe showeroom.
  3. If you hate wet rooms you might prefer showerooms with a seat in the shower.
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