Granny Annexes Take On The Retirement Villages

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Granny annexes take on retirement apartments as the commercial builders start building more retirement “villages” hoping to tempt the over 60’s into their brand new apartment blocks, our guess is they are underestimating how savvy that market is when it comes to value for money and long-term healthcare.

We’ve met quite a lot of the over 60’s over the last few years and not only does the thought of going into a care home usually frighten the heck out of them but they are certainly not daft when it comes to spending their equity either.

This is our first blog post for a few weeks as we have been covering enquiries from Cornwall and Kent. Unsurprisingly we’ve racked up 1400+ miles in just over a week and a half but as always every journey is always inspiring as we have one of the best jobs in the world that help change people’s lives for the better.

We are in front of families every week looking for the best way to put a granny annexe in the back garden as they start to plan for when Mum and Dad might need a little more help.

Mum and Dad want to retain their independence for as long as possible and building a granny annexe in the garden is something some people consider to be the best of both worlds.

However we’ve seen some changes to Local Planning Authority policy when it comes to meeting guidelines for granny annexes moving forward that will require a more simple and streamlined approach centred around health care, facilities and most importantly size and design.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Feature Article: Granny Annexes Take On The Retirement Villages

"granny annexe"

We anticipate changes in the granny annexe market over the next 12 to 24 months as the Local Planning Authorities aim to make more provision for granny annexes that function more as ancillary accommodation to the main house rather than what we like to call “Little Homes at the bottom of the garden.”

We see this as a positive move and will always seek to comply with each individual LPA’s particular recommendations as they vary so much.

What we have noticed this year more than in previous years is that size WILL matter when it comes to planning a granny annexe in the back garden and that compromises will be needed to some of the design aspects.

That is why we are involved with bringing the new HUSCORE range of granny annexes to the market, which we believe will be more compliant with more LPA authorities from the get-go. 

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The Little Known Social Role As Set Out In The National Planning Policy Framework

As an individual you are more than likely going to find approaching your Local Planning Authority with your granny annexe plans like entering the boxing ring with Tyson Fury, it’s going to be tough and the chances of you succeeding are slim.

When you select a company like ourselves to take care of everything for you, we compile important supporting documentation as part of the planning application process.

When it comes to granny annexes in back gardens, the little known social role plays an important part:-

“The requirement to provide affordable and sustainable accommodation for elderly family members is ever increasing. Age UK published “Care in Crisis 2014” which sets out the very clear need for flexible accommodation solutions for the elderly:-

  • The number of people aged 85 and over (the group most likely to need care) has increased by 30 per cent between 2005 and 2014.
  • Between 2005/6 and 2010/11 public funding for older people’s social care stagnated.
  • 21% increase of residents in nursing. Residential homes since 2005.
  • From 2010/11 to 2013/14 public funding for older people’s social care (including transfers from the NHS to councils) decreased by 10 per cent in real terms.
  • Councils have cut back on their funding for social care.
  • In 2011, it was estimated that 2 million older people had care related needs.

The provision of a granny annexe within the residential curtilage creates a long term and sustainable solution to the needs of the ageing population. The benefits include:-

  • Allows family members to provide the care and support required.
  • Reduces the stress and impact on local services, ie nursing homes, home visits from care professionals etc.
  • Cost effective and affordable solution to supported living.
  • Provides a measure of independence, while still being close to support.

Why A New Core Range Of Granny Annexes And Why Now?

We see no change in either the need or the demand for granny annexes for the foreseeable future, they simply work like magic when it comes to solving multiple care and family housing solutions, very often they also give Mum and Dad a whole new lease of life! (Plus Mum and Dad are usually more than welcome to potter in the garden and make it look beautiful all year round).

However what we have seen is a change in the Local Planning Authorities approach to them and that is exactly why we are involved with bringing a new core range of annexes to the market to ensure that you still get a choice of where and HOW you would prefer to approach your golden years rather than be somewhat dictated to by commercial builders.

Let’s face it, they haven’t targeted first time buyers, single parents or young couples in years, so why not target the older generation instead?

To download your copy of the latest HUSCORE range of annexes simply click on the image below.

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  1. Why granny annexes are taking on the new retirement villages.
  2. We predict changes to what type of annexe your Local Planning Authority will allow in the future.
  3. The importance of letting a company like ourselves take care of your planning application for you.
  4. To download a copy of the latest annexe brochure right now please click here.

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