Make A Great First Impression With Stylish Entrance Doors

Entrance doors make a great first impression and a renovation project near to us has just made great use of one to modernise the look of a 1970’s style home.

We have been watching the slow but impressive progress of a house on our cul-de-sac that has taken over a year to transform (the owners are doing most of the work themselves) into a wonderful example of how to update a 1970’s style 4 bedroom house into something that looks much more modern and contemporary.

The great thing about renovating an older style property is that they usually have much larger rooms and much larger gardens than the new homes being built by the thousands right now.

And if you see the house as a bit of a design project inside and OUTSIDE you can make a huge difference to the STYLE of your home (even if it was built-in the 1970’s or before) by using some of the modern style entrance doors that are available today.

Here are a few ideas to help make sure your guests are greeted in style with these lovely entrance doors and porches.

Feature Article: Make A Great First Impression With Stylish Entrance Doors

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American homes tend to place a lot more importance on their entrance porches than we do. They love decorating them at Halloween and Christmas and you very often find huge double doors and an elaborate porch on houses we would consider the equivalent of a four bedroom detached home here in the UK.

You also find them using natural materials like wood and stone, porch lighting and planters to create a welcoming atmosphere like in the example above.

With the entrance doors frequently leading to a large open plan porch area in American style homes it makes sense to make it a feature of the house design itself.

City Chic Entrance Doors Look Just As Good …

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If you are looking for inspiration to create a city chic entrance to your home, the one above certainly has lots of kerb appeal.

From the stylish grey door in the white frame, the long sleek style of the door and the colours and styles echoed beautifully with the ornate planters and grey flagstones it creates a very city chic sophisticated look to any home.

Framing The Door With Glass.

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Another American inspired porch with that gorgeous large welcome mat and those incredible planters adding to the welcoming feel to this lovely entrance door.

The classic black entrance door is the perfect contrast to the white frames and the small Georgian style panes of glass to both sides and the TOP of the door frame the door perfectly and let in a lot more light into the hallway.

Oak Porch And Entrance Doors Never Go Out Of Date

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Hand made oak doors and porches like the one pictured above never go out of date. Even the best UPVC colours and foil finishes cannot come close to real wood, especially oak.

This look is perfect for creating that country feel to your home, especially if you have a reclaimed brick finish to your home. A few years ago the trend was to build new houses that looked older like this by using oak windows and doors.

It worked! Sadly the modern homes being built do not have anywhere near as much character built-in.

Once again those two planters complete the look perfectly.

Contemporary Style Door From

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This is the style of door that can really bring an older house up to date instantly and some modern developers are using similar doors right now to entice young buyers who love everything contemporary.

If you want a truly continental style door to your home, these are the perfect way to set the scene as it were for the whole house. These new style entrance doors offer maximum style for a very reasonable cost.


  1. Front doors or entrance doors can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home.
  2. Banish white UPVC doors for good with the modern contemporary style alternatives.
  3. Update an older style property by making sure the entrance door and porch if you are going to build one really stand out and look warm and welcoming.
  4. To complete the look, add two symmetrical planters in a style to match your new entrance door.

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