Working From Home Just Got Easier With Our New Range Of Home Hubs

This time last year we had just completed a Farm Shop locally and it’s one of many enterprising and growing sectors of the ever-increasing amount of hobbies and cottage industries that are enjoying the freedom of working from home.

As the high streets and industrial estates become increasingly abandoned in favour of the lower overhead costs of running a business from a Work from Home Hub in the garden, it is no surprise that more and more small business owners of all types are switching their rent and business rates overheads into a Home Hub Cabin or Studio in the garden and putting more money into advertising their products and services online.

With courier companies now offering collections as well as deliveries and the love of online shopping growing year on year the changing face of the way we live continues to evolve more and more with the internet firmly at the forefront of sweeping and lasting changes to the way we shop.

Feature Article: Working From Home Just Got Easier With Our New Range Of Home Hubs

"Ebayers work from home"

Whatever time of the day we visit our tiny little local Post Office you can be sure that someone is at the counter with a dozen or so packages that they have sold on Ebay.

Ebay is not only the number one auction site in the world but it also producing corporate size incomes for serious Ebayers who choose to shun the commute, say no to rent and business rates and have set up a significant business buying and selling goods on Ebay.

If you ever visit the home of one of these Ebay enthusiasts it’s likely to be FULL of bric-a-brac, clothes, electronic goods and everything in between that can soon take over an entire room of the house.

With our new CLL Work from home Hubs you can reclaim your home as a place of calm again and set up your business in one of our work from home log cabin hubs which will be in the price range of £3,000 to £10,000. (There will be an erection service available or they are perfect for DIY)

Salon Home Hubs For Hair, Nails & Spa Treatments …

"Salon Hubs"

We live in an era where sports, leisure and pampering are fast becoming some of our favourite past times. No longer do we have to brave the High Street salons on a busy Saturday morning in the middle of the town centre, very often you will find hairdressers, nail salons and spa treatments available locally from trained technicians who have set up their own salon hubs.

If you have been a mobile hairdresser for a while now and crave your own salon without the rent and business rates headaches, our new CLL Home Hubs offer you the perfect way to own your own salon and grow your client base all from the comfort of your own home and a Facebook business page.

Its the perfect way to have everything you need to hand, offer a wider variety of services and work from home in hours that suit you. We can even assist you with how to get those all important electrics and water supplies to your new home salon.

The Pursuit Of The Great Outdoors

"Cycle Hubs"

Cycling has fast grown into one of the popular sports in the UK with people of all ages and fitness taking to hills or roads decked out in coordinated Lycra from head to toe ready to feel the exhilaration that cycling brings.

It can also very quickly grow from ONE enthusiast in the family to ALL the family as it is something anyone at any age can take up for leisure, health and fitness or for sport.

Bikes as you may know can take up quite a bit of space in the hallway or utility area and even the garage can quickly become a large bicycle shed leaving no room for anything else.

Our cycling hubs offer the perfect storage solution (added security features are available) and yo can even add shelves and racks for those helmets, accessories and of course those spectacular photos of your favourite places.

Bike Hubs And Workshops

"Bike Hubs & Workshops"

Tinkering or pottering are typical phrases for gardeners who love nothing other than gently but surely adding to their gardens to make them as beautiful as possible. Gardens like that take patience and time to mature but it isn’t just gardener who love to create and restore things, so do classic bike and car enthusiasts.

That elusive headlight, wheel rim, tyre or motor part was always out there somewhere and thanks to the internet and Google searches, Ebay and all the other sell from home sites and Facebook Groups we can all access parts for restoring classic bikes and cars in ways that we never could before.

Our bike hubs and workshops are the perfect way to keep the grease and oil OUTSIDE and the carpets clean INSIDE.

Plus everyone loves the peace and tranquillity of pottering, polishing and restoring something they love with just the tweeting of birds in the garden for company.

Angling Is As Popular Today As Ever .. But Security Is Important

"fishing hubs"

Angling is still one of the UK’s most popular leisure activities but there are always a growing concern about how to store their equipment safely as theft of angling equipment is quite common.

We have (as frequent anglers ourselves) decided to add in CCTV technology for free to each Fishing Home Hub ordered within the next 2 months.

Fishing hubs will also have added security locking features which are available on any home hub where valuable equipment is being stored, all details will be available in our online store within the next two weeks.


  1. CLL Home Hubs are our new range of log cabins with added features designed to meet a variety of work and leisure needs at home.
  2. From working from home with an Ebay business to a salon or hobby that has suddenly started to grow into a fledgling business, we have cabins and styles to suit you primarily in the £3000 – £10,000 cost bracket.
  3. We will be adding the details of these British made log cabin hubs to our online store within the next 2 weeks.
  4. Each hub will have added security features, fitting and upgrade options designed to suit you.

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