The Perfect Setting For Peacock Lodge (Granny Annexe In South Wales)

We have had a battle of wind, rain, high winds, storms and even snow to contend with over the last few months as Peacock Lodge (our latest granny annexe in South Wales) becomes the new home to our lovely customers in a valley in Mid-South Wales.

This entire family move took on all the challenges you can imagine and more as they prioritized the health and well-being of a family member who suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome.

Arriving completely uneducated about this problem, we now understand fully that this modern-day problem affects a lot of people directly and of course we have no way of knowing the long terms effects on the billions of us who regularly surround ourselves with mobile phones, microwave and of course Wi-fi every day.

(For people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS), just walking into a coffee shop that is WI-FI equipped can be debilitating, triggering a wide array of symptoms including headache, fatigue, nausea, burning and itchy skin, and muscle aches.)

The minute we met the lovely couple who now live between their new granny annexe (Peacock Loge) and their holiday home we were completely blown away by their positive attitude to life and to the fact they had already been living in a touring caravan for year, so it was definitely TIME for a new home!

Feature Article: The Perfect Setting For Peacock Lodge (Granny Annexe In South Wales)

"Peacock Lodge Floor Plan


Our Customers Often Design Their Own Annexes

With our customer’s engineering background and great attention to detail the floor plan for Peacock Lodge was already on the design board before we arrived to see the site.

This is something we gladly do because it really is the BEST part of what we do to us because we get to meet you all and share in your stories and get a feel for what is important to you.

It costs a cup of tea (and if we are lucky, as we were in this case a slice of Welsh cake.)

With a certificate of lawfulness in place, this granny annexe in South Wales needed no additional Planning Permission and the access was a challenge when a local logging company spilt its load on route creating huge delivery problems.

With help from local people in the area we managed to meet the frames delivery, offload and reload to a smaller vehicle and make it through as the road remained closed to heavy-duty vehicles.

View Park Homes For Ideas & Inspiration

"granny annexe in south wales"

Our customers were fully aware that traditional park homes (the holiday home kind) would not be suitable for living in in the depths of winter but were open to viewing them for ideas and inspiration.

They fell in love with a design that inspired Peacock Lodge and it’s layout and they took on board our suggestions for the porch roof over a composite door to add a finishing touch to the outside.

We opted for oak on white UPVC double glazed windows to make sure the lodge looked great from the outside but allowed maximum light on the inside.

Traditional Finishes And An Oak Style Kitchen

"granny annexe south wales"

One of the features our customer wanted to add was the small dividing wall at the end of the kitchen area so that they could add storage in the living area.

This was something they liked about one of the park homes they had seen and it works really well in an open plan living area like this to separate the living and kitchen areas.

We offer a choice of internal door finishes and found a perfect design and colour to match the kitchen style and blens with the laminate floor choice.

Having lived in their previous home for 50 years, then living of the touring caravan for a year finding places for their favourite things was hugely important to make this annexe their “home.”

Our granny annexes are built to a higher standard of insulation than any new style UK home, the finished result is the look and feel of a modern apartment and can be finished in either traditional or contemporary style.

Double French Doors Add Plenty Of Light In

"granny annexe south wales"

With a location by a stream at the base of a very high Welsh hill, Peacock Lodge has stunning views to look at from the back and side of the annexe.

The living / dining area enjoys lots of sunlight streaming in on sunny days.

With a further two bedrooms (master with en-suite), a bathroom and built-in wardrobes we are thrilled to be able to hand over the keys to Peacock Lodge’s new owners knowing we have designed their new home with them in mind.



  1. Challenging weather conditions can inhibit the build process but as this is the UK anything can happen and there is no “ideal time” to build an annexe.
  2. Visiting park homes is a great way to get an idea for what can be achieved in the space available, just remember they are NOT built in the same way as annexes.
  3. Creating your own floor plan is something we encourage as it gives us the best idea of how we can help you create your dream lodge or annexe.
  4. Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, we can cater everything to meet your needs.

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