5 Fresh Ideas For The Home And Garden This Spring

For most of us (who spend several months almost hibernating during the winter months) that first mowing of the lawn heralds the start of Spring.

With daffodils a plenty and the sun beginning to shine Spring 2016 is getting under way and our thoughts immediately turn to planning our next holiday and what projects we are intending to do this year in the home and garden.

Still number one is a new kitchen (although with all the new homes being built with modern kitchens already designed and ready to use) the market place for staying and improving or buying an older house (with a bigger garden and bigger rooms) is still as popular as ever.

So with Spring in mind, here’s 5 of the best ideas we’ve found over the last few months (that our Facebook page followers have loved) that give you 5 fresh ideas for the home and garden in Spring 2016.

Feature Article: 5 Fresh Ideas For The Home And Garden This Spring

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How To Make Your Hallway Ultra Modern

Most of us have very uninspiring hallways but when they are designed to set the mood of your home you will always look forward to coming in through the front door or welcoming guests.

If you think about the last hotel you stayed in that had that “Wow factor” it was probably all down to the hotel lobby where you check in. It sets the tone for your stay and always looks very glamorous and inviting.

It also typically looks pristine, extremely tidy and has great lighting.

What we love about the picture and the idea above is that all the extra details (such as the glass balustrade, the black gloss wood and the mirror reflecting the table lamps is that it really brings a whole new atmosphere to this often neglected (or purely functional) part of the home and makes it look pretty and inviting.

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Head Upstairs And Design Your Back Garden From Above

When most of us have an uninspiring plot of land (especially if you have a new home today) adding in some curves and hard landscaping areas with evergreen foliage is the easiest way to give your back garden that lovely modern landscaped look.

The only real way to design a garden is to think of it from above and start over with a blank canvas and think about creating curved areas if you have a basic rectangular garden like in the photo above. (It softens the whole effect and makes the garden more interesting and makes it feel bigger too).

With the internet at your finger tips today, finding suppliers of those lovely large tree palms isn’t too difficult and by mixing paving with decking and water you can completely do away with a lawn if your lifestyle doesn’t suit the up keep of a lawn, or simply add in a small lawn instead of the water feature (which may be advisable if you have small children too)

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Make Use Of Every Available Space

Simply by using an alcove space or under the stairs as book storage and a sofa like in the picture up above you immediately solve several problems at once.

Books can be notoriously messy (especially in a modern living room where sleek lines and minimalism still reign supreme) but by making a designated book reading corner you can immediately find a place for the children to sit down and read quietly (or make a retreat for yourself while the other members of the family congregate around the TV or media in the house.

By integrating the seating it becomes an instant magnet for everyone who just wants to spend a little time out from the hustle and bustle of every day life and lose themselves in their favourite book for a while.

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White & Dark Wood Are A Modern Day Classic Combination

White glossy tiles are some of the cheapest you can buy but they don’t have to be clinical or boring when you create something like this (in the photo above.)

Whether it’s your downstairs cloakroom, your en suite or your main bathroom this pristine look looks like a luxury hotel room with the clever fully tiles walls, dark wood shelving and clever down-lights and accessories.

The ultra modern wall hung toilet and chrome push button flush in the wall and square sink on the dark wood work top are the perfect way to make sure this simple room makes an impact.
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The Indoor / Outdoor Living Space

For a lot of people the dream extension looks something like the one in the photo above, whether it is a smaller extension and just a kitchen that opens itself into the garden or as in this case the entire run of bi-fold doors fold back to open up the back of the home into an indoor / outdoor living space.

For those of us who love entertaining it’s the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss a thing as your guests enjoy the Summer sunshine.

Parties can be a whole lot of fun with a space like this although you will need to choose your flooring carefully to be hard-wearing enough to have people coming in from the outside straight into your house.

Specialist firms will need to be used to make sure this type of extension is structurally sound and for added privacy the two end brick walls are a great idea.

Of course making the entire back wall of your home glass will let a lot more light in all year round, and you may need to come up with solutions to potentially making a room like this too hot at times (like a conservatory) but the bi-fold folding walls are very much still a “would love to have item” in many modern homes today.


  1. Make your entrance hall ultra-modern by changing the balustrades and adding lighting and mirrors that add luxury touches like a hotel lobby.
  2. Design your garden on plan from an upstairs window for best effect. Use curves to soften a standard rectangular garden area.
  3. Create a beautiful high-end downstairs cloakroom or bathroom with glossy white tiles teamed up with dark woods and modern fittings.
  4. Open your home up to Spring with bi-fold doors on your back wall or extension for the ultimate way to modernise your home and create a fresh look for Spring 2016.

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