7 Ways To Add A Little More Sparkle To Your Home

With the darker evenings and shorter days heading our way for the next few months you see begin to realise that your home lighting needs either less light to look and feel more cosy or more light to make it look a little more magical.

With LED lights available so easily today we have a whole new way of adding a little bit of sparkle and lighting to our homes all year round.

We haven’t tried out all these ideas ourselves yet but here are a few of our favourites that are super easy to do without breaking the bank.

Feature Article: 7 Ways To Add A Little More Sparkle To Your Home

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Adding A Little Sparkle To Any Room

Adding a string or two of fairy lights to a glass lantern or mason jar gives any room some instant sparkle. Make a display with different sizes and shapes to maximum impact.

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Creating A Little Magic Outdoors

Candles and glass jars are the perfect combination for adding a little sparkle to your favourite outdoor area. (Granted this is one of those more pretty than practical ideas because lighting ALL those candles is going to take a while 😉

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Easily Add A Little Glamour To Your Bedroom

Large glamorous headboards are in vogue right now and the one above shows how easy it is to create a stunning driftwood style headboard that simply allows you to add in simple overhead lighting without having to chase out walls and hire an electrician.


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We Kid You Not – Glow In The Dark Paint

This sounds a little far-fetched, but the pots above have been painted with glow in the dark paint. The effect is pots that light up at night, giving a lovely soft light to your garden.


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Letters, Quotes And Words

You may have noticed that we are surrounded by our love of motivational quotes everywhere we go these days. Being an advocate of many ourselves it’s only natural to progress to having words or letters up in lights adorning our homes too.

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Stair Lighting Simple But Effective

The simple addition of strip lighting under the banister and you can easily transform the humble staircase into a well light and inviting area of your home. As it is usually one of the places we like to add Christmas garlands and bows to it will look even more spectacular with the addition of lighting.


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 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Creating a nursery is one of those special moments when we can really go to town on the lighting and twinkling stars on the ceiling can keep baby happy for a while and create a soft light for all those night feeds! There are children’s night lights available that create this effect with music too.


  1. Lighting often completes any room and can make it even more special.
  2. Nothing compares to lighting to help create a different mood.
  3. Whether you need more or less lighting, LED lights make it super easy to do most things without it costing the earth.
  4. Sometimes pretty takes over practical but the Winter months are long and dark so have fun with them!

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