Contemporary Style Garden Ideas

"Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

Contemporary style isn’t just making an appearance on the inside of our UK homes, it is proving to be just as popular outside too.

While England will be forever green and there is nothing more beautiful than an English country garden, as plot sizes have become smaller and our lives seem to have got busier, we are starting to enjoy the benefits of outdoor landscaping and adding a contemporary style flair to our garden spaces.

Immensely popular in London but equally at home in new gardens or perfect for reinventing your patio area, the outdoor living area is looking like it’s here to stay.

Feature Article: Contemporary Style Garden Ideas 

"Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

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Outdoor Lighting And Glass Combine To Create This Inviting And Sophisticated Space

A low maintenance garden used to mean lots of evergreen planting, a patio area and a summer bedding for a riot of colour. Today’s low maintenance gardens work harder at being an outdoor living area than ever before.

With low maintenance high quality decking or paving (like in the picture above) you can create something that looks inviting and as sophisticated as your dining room.

Clever use of large contemporary style pots and the all important rounded box style hedge plants you have the perfect low maintenance modern garden that will never need hours and hours spent on it every week to stay looking good.

"Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

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Softening Contemporary Styling With Traditional Planting

White gravel, white round rocks and rounded box hedge plants all combine to create a new style of border in the garden that not only look good all year round, but are easy to maintain.

If you can’t live with the sometimes harsh looking modern landscaping and planting you can always create other borders and beds with traditional planting to soften the whole look.

Maintaining the whiter than white look in the picture above is the white paved areas which present the perfect blank canvas on which to add colour with your planting but still preserve the contemporary look.
."Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

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Creating Something Special

Make use of a difficult shape by adding white paving, low box hedging and dramatic twinkling light black paving for a completely magical look.

Outdoor lighting has come a long way in the past few years, with solar lighting and LED lighting being so much more energy-efficient so no need to worry about a huge electric bill.

Just as lighting can transform your indoor space, outdoor lighting can create a unique atmosphere and transform your outdoor space into an area that you can use more of the year round.

Whether its lighting your way up the path to the front door, making use of a long narrow space in the garden or creating a private patio for you to relax at the end of the day, your love of all things contemporary does not have to stop at the front door.

"Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

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Redesigning The Whole Garden

Hiring a landscape gardener is not something many of us do as a general rule, although many more of us are choosing to do exactly that when it a complete redesign of the whole garden is required.

We’ve added an outdoor living area this year but it’s nothing like on the scale of the picture above.

High quality hardwood decking creates a stunning look to any modern garden and with white rendered walls creating planters and a feature at the end of the garden there is certainly no room for kicking the football about with your Grandchildren!

If you want to completely transform your garden area into an outdoor entertainment space then this is certainly one way to do it, of course it will depend on the location and your lifestyle (and may or may not assist in the sale of your property further down the line)

"Contemporary Style Garden Ideas "

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Making The Best Use Of Different Levels

For most of us, adding a new dining area and outdoor living area is as simple as adding some of the great all-weather rattan furniture that we have mentioned a lot throughout this year.

If you have a garden that slopes, or you can create different levels, one of the easiest ways to create a great outdoor living space that works for all members of the family is like the example shown above.

By keeping the planting low, slow-growing and evergreen and by adding interest with the stylish trees, you can easily recreate something that looks contemporary and modern but without it looking like you shouldn’t use it.

As always you will find lots of inspiration on Pinterest!


  1. Contemporary styling is proving to be just as popular outside the home as inside.
  2. White paving, gravel and planters are a great backdrop for your planting.
  3. Slow growing low maintenance box style hedging (and rounded shapes) work best.
  4. Lighting creates something very magical when the sun goes down.
  5. Outdoor living areas are a popular addition to any home but bear in mind it still comes down to personal taste and may reflect on the sale of your house in the future if it becomes too clinical and not suitable for families.

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