Self-Build Diary Part 6 Nearing Completion

"self-build diary part 6"

At the end of last week the scaffolding came down on our self-build house project to reveal the 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house in all its glory.

Within the last two weeks the transformation from building site to home has really started to happen as the painters, second fix electrics and plumbing work flat out to complete the interior of this build.

As we have been privileged to be on site on a daily basis with this project being in our home county of Shropshire we have gained invaluable knowledge about self-building that we can pass on and advise to our customers.

All the self-build diary blog posts can be found on website as drop downs from the UK SIPS Panel Homes tabs so you can see for yourself the build time and the work involved with a large self-build project like this one.

We anticipate a finish within the next two weeks and would like to openly thank all of our fantastic teams who have worked so hard on the project (in all weathers) and haven’t grumbled or complained once.

Feature Article: Self-Build Diary Part 6 Nearing Completion

"self-build diary part 6"As The Scaffolding Comes Down The Self-Build Is Revealed

It is hard to believe that at the end of May 2015 this area was bare ground with foundations in place ready to build. The key to a build time this fast (apart from great people on the job) is being weather tight so quickly with the SIPS Construction method.

If you are thinking about self-building your next home, we highly recommend you take a look at using the same method as you will be able to have people working on the build both inside and out simultaneously.

This helps to speed up the build time quite dramatically and by using dry build materials such as SIPS and cedar cladding you will not find yourself quite so bogged down in bricks, cement and longer build times.

"self-build diary part 6"

British Cedar Cladding Exterior

Originally the customer had wanted a log home for this self-build project but the Local Planning Authority were not as enthusiastic.

They were fine about the exterior finish though (which is set amongst trees) and gave the go ahead for British cedar cladding.

British cedar cladding has more of an even colour than other cedar cladding and was the right choice for a large house as other types would have looked “too busy.”

With the oak UPVC windows in place and the cladding coated with a clear UV protection stain, we hope to preserve the exterior colour of the cedar cladding from turning silver (which it naturally does over time).

"self-build diary part 6"

The Interior Is Taking Shape

With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in this very large house there is still work to do on the interior but it too is taking shape really quickly.

With the main wall colours and flooring being chosen by the customer and a deep aubergine high gloss kitchen the look and feel of this project will be modern and contemporary.

We’ll bring you more interior photos once the project has been completed and the bathrooms and kitchen have been completed.

"self-build diary part 6"

The Large Feature Window Arrives Next Week

A challenge from a window design point of view is the large feature window at the front of the open plan lounge / living area.

With the SIPS construction taking on all the support properties we’ve had a lot of surveyors scratching their heads on how the feature window is going to be manufactured.

With a confirmed delivery date of midweek next week the missing piece will be in place and the house will suddenly be transformed again.

Self-building is not for everyone, we know that, but the benefits are unrivalled when it comes to value for money and being able to have design input at every stage so that it literally becomes something that you design and is purpose made.

No amount of renovating or extension building can match it.

We look forward to bringing you the final part of this self-build diary in a few weeks time.



  1. As the self-build project approaches completion, the scaffolding is taken down.
  2. The exterior cladding is British cedar (a more uniform lighter  colour) coated with a UV protection stain finish.
  3. The teams of tradesmen have been exceptional and have helped keep the build moving along at a fantastic pace.
  4. With just the feature window to go and guttering, the exterior is almost complete.
  5. The cost of self-building is something that puts a lot of people off but if you have the right budget and the courage to do it nothing compares with it for value for money.

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