7 Improvements We Are Introducing To Make Our Granny Annexes Even Better Value For Money

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While we have been lucky enough to be working extensively in our home county of Shropshire for the last few months and for the next 6 or 7 at least it has given us the perfect way to sit down and spend some time on making improvements to our products and services, create a new Contemporary Log Living products and services brochure and update some of the ways in which we build Granny Annexes on site to make the process smoother, faster and a better experience for the customer.

Granny annexes are fast becoming the second major purchase you are likely to make (after your home) in your lifetime. It’s no longer a car (although there are cars in the same price bracket as annexes out there) but it is a considerable investment that we understand takes time to make.

Weighing up the cost of a nursing home for a dependent relative versus the cost of an annexe in the garden is rather easier to justify than just downsizing from the main house and setting up a new home at the bottom of the garden hoping everything will turn out great and you will all get along for the next ten years or so.

One of the current trends at the moment is annexe living for young adults as they save for a deposit and as an investment in the value and resale value of your home it is highly unlikely to be one where you will lose out. As we have said before, there is considerably more interest in multi-generation homes in the UK than ever before.

So with all that in mind (and plenty of granny annexe building experience under our belts) we are introducing 7 improvements to our Granny Annexes that we think will benefit our customers.

Feature Article: 7 Improvements We Are Introducing To Make Our Granny Annexes Even Better Value For Money

"granny annexe"

1. Free Quotations & Consultation

If you have a plot of land ready to build on and you need expert advice on what can be done, simply request a free on site consultation via our Contact Us page and we’ll be more than happy to help.

This is something that we have always offered and is something that we find customers want which is someone to talk to about what is a major purchase and understandably not something that people do on a daily basis.

With every site being different (and for planning purposes each application will be processed on its own merits) there are all sorts of questions about connectivity of services, positioning of the annexe, the build process itself, the payment structure and more that its only fair to expect someone to come along, talk you through everything without charge.

The only stipulation is that because we work nationally is that you have a plot of land ready to build on. For all other early stage enquiries we can assist you by phone or by email on any aspect of your Granny Annexe plans.

2. Subsidised Planning Permission For Annexes

Annexes are typically what your local Planning Authorities call “ancillary accommodation to the main house.” If you are building a dwelling it will require planning permission.

Planning permission can only be obtained for annexes if there is a dependent relative or family member living in the annexe.

* You will not be able to sell the annexe as a separate dwelling in the future, part of obtaining planning permission will specify that the annexe is only to be sold as part of the main house.

We offer a subsidised planning service of just £600 for obtaining planning permission *(terms and conditions do apply to this as the normal fee is usually £2500).

Out track record is excellent on obtaining planning permission successfully.

3. Assistance With Connection To Services

On some sites the proposed annexe is right next to the main house, on others it is a considerable distance from the main house. The difference in cost between the two can run into several thousands of pounds.

You will need to connect to water, electric and sewerage and if the connections are straight forward, we will typically include it in the cost.

If you have an annexe that will be a considerable distance from the house we can advise the best way to make the connections and the extra equipment that will be required, such as pumps that may be required to pump services that extra distance.

Please bear in mind that your main house electrics will typically need upgrading to be able to supply the new annexe independently.

4. Shell Build Scheme Or Build On Site Options

Building an annexe in the specification that we do is the same as a new build home in the garden. They are designed for year round living and not be what people deem to be a park home.

Having worked with our UK SIPS panel home providers for our current self-build house project we will be introducing annexes built-in the same way in the very near future.

We have found that from a customer’s perspective that having a team working in your garden for longer than 10 weeks is not exactly pain or stress free.

By breaking the process down into two parts, (the shell build scheme) followed by the fitting out and finishing off we expect the whole process to shorter, much less stressful and involve more task teams to build the annexe.

5. Designated Project Manager On All National Builds

In addition to the new two-phase build structure we intend to appoint a designated project manager to every annexe built nationally.

This is an integral part of improving the end customer’s experience and allowing us to provide more on site support and assistance to the actual build phase.

We aim to make sure that there are more quality checks throughout the build and with annexes now being built-in the garden coming under new Health & Safety regulations it is to ensure we are compliant with the new regulations.

6. Improved Kitchen And Bathroom Designs

We like to allow our customers to have their own individual tastes incorporated into what will be their new home, it’s something we know they like to do.

To assist with the choice process and to maximise the space available we will now be offering pre-designed kitchens and bathrooms of a high quality as part of the overall annexe design.

We do of course include appliances and connections with the kitchens and tiling or showerwall to the bathrooms and en-suites.

What we intend to introduce is a “new home” feel to our annexes by pre-designing these two important rooms with current finishes and trends making the choice process easier and the build quicker.

7. Co-Project Management For Second Phase Fitting Out

Building an annexe is not a DIY project. It requires expertise and input from multiple tradesmen and needs to be built to Building Regulations standards (even though annexes do not currently have to comply with Building Regulations if they are built as a mobile home).

With the proposed two-phase build there will be an option for the customer to assist with the second phase (and potentially save some money) with our new co-project management option.

This is especially for people who love the idea of fitting out the shell scheme (bathrooms, tiling, painting and decorating) and are completely at home with tackling that aspect themselves.

We will simply provide you with the know how and you will basically be in charge of your own budget for the finishing off phase of your annexe. (It’s probably best to talk to us in more depth about that option when you request your on site consultation.)


  1. We offer a free on site consultation if you have a plot of land ready to build on.
  2. We also offer a subsidised planning service *terms and conditions apply
  3. Assistance for connecting services is available on request.
  4. Shell build schemes (SIPS on a smaller scale) available.
  5. Designated Project Manager on all national builds
  6. Improved kitchens and bathroom designs
  7. Co-project management option (for all you DIY enthusiasts) 

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