Family Annexes Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

"family annexes"

With the vast amount of new houses being built everywhere and the budget news and predictions last week you would think the UK economy was booming and that everyone was happy.

Outside the booming London economy (where property investments are at all time high according to some sources) the vast majority of people are still struggling to keep pace with the high cost of living.

Even with all the new incentives such as the Help To Buy deposit schemes and the new Help To Buy ISA savings plan the vast majority of young people today still have no way (or hope) of being able to afford to buy their own home.

Even if they have managed to save a deposit, a single or average sized income is unlikely to qualify for the mortgage needed to buy even one of the so-called “affordable housing” options (which they seem to be building less of, and on smaller size housing developments they are no longer a requirement to provide) what is the solution?

We believe that annexe living is the perfect solution for young adults, young families and single parents who find themselves back home living with Mum and Dad.

Feature Article: Making Annexes A Family Affair 

"family annexes"

iPhones, Playstations And Cars Are Great .. But What I Really Want Is A Home Of My Own

Living expenses today are the highest they have ever been and most people will tell you that wages haven’t really gone up for years, yet the cost of everything else (especially essentials like utilities, fuel and food) have.

We seem to be a generation of high technology / low home ownership which if you are looking to build a secure future is not one that gives young people today much hope.

Although sectors like new cars, construction and manufacturing are all reporting growth last year, there is still a very high percentage of the young population who are unable to buy a home of their own.

We like to champion thinking that is a little “outside the box” and are offering what we believe to be truly “affordable” homes for young and old alike and even for young families.

Young families who are already living on the farm and who are key agricultural workers are already well aware of larger style modern mobile homes that are not only suitable for family members, they are also the perfect solution for a young family home.

Introducing Our New CLL Family Annexe

"family annexe"

At 96 square metres the new CLL Family Annexe is larger than most 3 bedroom detached houses and just a little smaller than the average 4 bedroom detached UK home.

With the contemporary styling it has 3 bedrooms (one en-suite) a family bathroom and an open plan living / dining / kitchen area designed to cope with a busy family life.

If you are thinking about building an annexe and putting it in your garden, the planning permission will only allow for it to be occupied by a family member (as it is considered ancillary accommodation to the main house) and it will not be able to be sold as a separate dwelling.

If you are thinking about a rental income from annexes, you will need a different type of planning permission that allows for holiday lets. (we have a package that can assist you with that too. Read all the details by clicking here.)

For A Close Up Of The Whole Design Watch The Video Below

Whether you are a young couple. single adult in need of independent living or maybe you have found yourself living back at home with Mum and Dad after several years of having your own home, today’s challenges are not that easily resolved for less than £180,000 on the housing market.

The new 3 bedroom CLL family annexe is available fully fitted and built for around £140,000.

At these prices you still have options (and unless the bottom falls out of the housing market again in the near future, it’s likely to stay that way for quite some time.

Key Agricultural Workers Benefit Too

"residential opportunities for agricultural workers"

You may be aware that recent legislation was passed to allow for

New Residential Opportunites for Redundant Agricultural Buildings (click the link to the left to read all the FAQ’s about this) but essentially you may be able to apply for planning permission to:-

The new permitted development changes will allow the change of use of an agricultural building
to a dwelling house. It allows for changes to floorspace of up to 450 square metres per agricultural
holding, to up to 3 dwellings.

There are (as always) no guarantees, and you must meet the criteria and be in England to qualify but it may be an option worth exploring if you have the land with redundant farm buildings on it.

Of course the alternative is to live in a mobile home annexe (like the new CLL family annexe) which would be typically approved for all key agricultural workers.

All The Comforts And Standards Of A New Home Can Be Incorporated Into Today’s Highly Insulated Modern Style Annexes

With more people than ever before seeking multiple family homes or homes with annexes for dependent relatives we have always found that the value you spend on building an annexe in your garden or on your own land is a sound investment that is likely to give you peace of mind that it will provide you with an excellent return on your investment over the years.

We even have customers building annexes for their own future right now such is the scale of the problem as they see themselves heading down the garden to live while a family member takes on occupying the main house in years to come.

By choosing to build an annexe with today’s construction methods you are assured of a strong, well insulated and highly efficient building fitted out just as you would expect from a new home.

It may not be something you have thought of before as a viable option for providing affordable housing for members of your family in the past but with today’s ever-increasing cost of living and the imminent rises in interest rates it may well be something that will provide you with one of the best options available for the short-term and the long-term in the UK property market.


  1. The predictions are for interest rates to rise in the future and that could put young home ownership even further out of reach.
  2. The pre-election budget makes provisions for ISA savings plans but will they solve the problem?
  3. If you are a farmer or key agricultural worker then some of the new regulations may help you.
  4. Introducing the new CLL family annexe.
  5. Annexes are one of the best investments you make in today’s housing market place as more people will be seeking multiple family homes in the future.

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