Introducing Our CLL New Custom Annexes (Grand Designs On A Smaller Scale)

Custom Annexes Are Our Most Popular Way To Take On A Grand Designs Style Project On A Small Scale

 We have been in the South West for the last few weeks building a very striking modern style annexe where we have been very lucky to be able to use so many local companies to create a custom designed annexe for our customer.

Unlike a lot of other companies in our niche, we really allow the customer to have input into the design of their new annexe (a bit like Grand Designs on a smaller scale for those who like that kind of thing of course) and so we decided to throw our hands up and create a new custom annexe service aimed at all your budding interior designers out there who would love to build something off plan from scratch.

Of course budgets will be a factor in each area, but we think this is as close as it gets for designing your own mini Grand Designs project or flat pack home project of your own.

This seems to appeal especially to the generation that find themselves unable to either get on the housing ladder or get back on the housing ladder.

It’s the ultimate way to take a negative situation and turn into a positive solution.

Feature Article: Introducing Our CLL New Custom Annexes (Grand Designs On A Smaller Scale)

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Where To Start?

Our annexes are mobile homes, built on a chassis made from either steel or timber depending on the site requirements, design and size of the structure (which cannot be more than the maximum size of 65 feet by 22 feet in size).

If you can imagine a typical small two bedroom semi-detached bungalow in the UK is only around 36 feet long, you will begin to understand what is possible in this exciting new (and popular way to solve some of our housing shortages).

Annexes are becoming a popular way in which many people find creative solutions to the current housing shortages without landing themselves in a potential negative equity problem saddled with a high mortgage and a help to buy loan to manage (and with interest rate rises on the horizon it pays to play it smart.)

They also suit independent “20-40 somethings” who cannot get a mortgage based on a single income and don’t want to live back with Mum and Dad.

(You could argue that might not be ideal for Mum and Dad either.)

If you are lucky enough to have a relative with a large garden and you are a young couple, these custom design annexes offering modern apartment style living at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent new build.

The Design

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There are restrictions on the size and outer appearance of custom annexes, and the exterior is usually wooden cladding of some kind.

Our preference is Western Red Cedar or one of the new Thermowood cladding which are both baked or kiln dried to avoid shrinkage and are commonly used in commercial and residential property building throughout the UK.

The floor plan is flexible, but must be structurally sound (we’ll advise you on that part) so if you want to indulge in one large master bedroom en suite bathroom and walk-in dressing room you can.

In all cases you will need services available to connect to (water, sewerage and electrics) and these will be an additional cost to your project that you should factor in before you decide that a custom-built annexe is what you need.

Despite what some companies are telling people, if it is a dwelling it will require planning permission whether it is a mobile home or not.

We undertake this process for you as part of an order placed subject to planning approval. (We have years of experience in this area and will always advise you honestly about whether or not we think your planning application will be successful or not.

Grand Designs On A Smaller Scale

Modern Designer Kitchens

If you are a fan of all the homes TV shows and especially Grand Designs we are certain you will enjoy this aspect of our custom annexes.

You will be able to have input into every aspect of your interior design!

That means .. the kitchen, bathroom, tiles, lighting, flooring and wall colours will all match your style and personal choice, from our extensive range of products and services we use all the time.

This gives you an amazing opportunity to design your annexe just as you would off-plan in a new home.

What To Do Next

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If you have an annexe in mind for yourself, a loved one or a member of your family but you don’t want anything that resembles a “mobile home” or “park home” then this is right up your street.

As with anything custom designed they will cost a little more than our more standard annexes but if you want stylish comfortable surroundings to live in for however long you need, these new annexes (that are usually built on site in less than 8 weeks) are the perfect way to kick-start a Grand Designs style project of your own that will also be a very sound investment for the owners of the main house.

Prices start at around £100,000 to £145,000

(below is one of our custom annexes in Somerset)

"CLL Custom Annexe"

 The easiest way to find out how we can help you design and build a custom annexe, is to email us with as many details as possible via our Contact Us page on this website

To your self-building success.

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