Home Offices Are Fast Becoming The New Head Offices

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With A Commute Time Of Minutes Instead Of Hours More People Than Ever Before Are Choosing To Work From A Home Office In The Garden

 As we embark on a relocation ourselves over the next few months, we have known from personal experience that nothing beats waking up each morning and being able to take a short stroll to the office at the bottom of the garden.

We smiled to ourselves recently at the National Home Building & Renovation Show when a fellow exhibitor came up to us at the stand and said, “best money I’ve ever spent you know!”

When asked what he was referring to, he explained with total glee ..

I paid about £25,000 for a cabin in the garden, complete with a kitchenette & toilet facilities and moved the business there! There are 4 of us in there with a business that has a million pound turnover working from a cabin in the garden.”

He went away beaming from ear to ear.

Log Cabins started the craze a few years ago, but now with more sophisticated building methods and higher insulation properties the new home offices are fast becoming the new head offices for lots of UK businesses large and small.

Feature Article:Home Offices Are Fast Becoming The New Head Offices

 "home office ideas""ideal home office""home office in garden"

Even Small To Medium Sized Businesses Can Benefit From Working From Home

Whether your turnover is £50,000 or £1,000,000+ the work from home businesses are booming and supporting the UK economy more now than ever before.

It’s not just the “Mum and Dad” type businesses that are harnessing the power of the internet and the speed of delivery today to ditch the “rented unit” in favour of a plush work from home cabin or annexe that is purpose-built to include a kitchenette and toilet facilities if required.

While small, medium and large industrial sized units remain vacant due to ever-increasing rent and business rates,more and more business owners of all sizes are choosing to build a purpose made “head office” in the back garden [*business rates may still apply, but only to the area used by the business].

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Working From Home Doesn’t Mean Compromising On Style

When we work from home, we usually have birds tweeting in the trees as background noise. It is sometimes amusing when we are talking to people on the phone because they can hear them too and wonder where we are.

The style of your new office or HQ is entirely up to you.

Whether you want a contemporary style office with a glass desk and white filing and storage units or you want to head down the traditional dark wood and leather chair look, you can easily create your dream office space with ease when you select to work from home and have a purpose-built office in your back garden.

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Adding A Kitchenette And Toilet Facilities Will Help Keep Your Staff Motivated

It is quite amazing when I think some of the size of companies that my wife has worked at over the years [some were multi-million and billion pound companies] whose facilities looked like something out of the 1970’s.

Depending on how close your new home office is to your existing services will depend on the cost of adding a kitchenette and toilet facilities to your building. This will be an essential for you if you have members of staff working from the premises but it is also extremely convenient for you if you work alone.

It is amazing how fewer distractions mean getting more done even if it cutting down on visits to the main house to make a cup of tea.

The best way to connect services to your home office is to use the services of a moling company and by adding an extra tall unit to the kitchenette if you have the room you also create the perfect storage area for keeping your home office spick and span.

As Glamorous, Modern Or Bold As You Want To Be

Self-motivation is a key ingredient for any budding entrepreneur so creating a unique environment from which to work is one of the joys of being able to design your own home office.

If you are a creative writer or designer for example you may want to create a space that inspires you with ideas like the one above which also has a comfy chair for essential reading and research.

Obviously if you have people coming to your office for meetings, or you have a home salon in mind you can simply create what you need off plan with a purpose-built space.

Work Or Leisure It’s Up To You

Our smaller annexes are perfect for many leisure and business uses:-

  • Hairdressing Salons
  • Nail bars
  • Home Gyms
  • Pool rooms / games rooms
  • “Man zones” with a bar, large screen cinema and pool table
  • Teenage living spaces

To name but a few, and we are scratching the surface here because we heard lots of your ideas at the recent Home and Building Renovation Show.

Let us know what you have in mind [size, use and requirements] via our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help!

To your self-building success.

Pete Cossie; CLL

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