George Osborne Announces New Right To Build Scheme

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At Last! Osborne Reveals New Right To Build Scheme That Will Force Councils To Provide Plots For Self-Build

Every once in a while the Government actually announce something good and this week on the 20th March 2014 that actually happened when George Osborne announced the new right to build scheme that will help thousands of self-build enthusiasts (without the Grand Designs typical budgets) self-build their dream home.

For just over 3 years we have been at the forefront of promoting self-building in the UK and putting under the spotlight the opportunity that is open to most of the rest of the developed world (which is the right to self-build) and the desperate LACK of it in the UK.

What we have seen in the past few years since Kevin Mc Cloud of Grand Designs fame and the then housing minister Grant Shapps challenge the status quo when it comes to house building in this country when compared to other European countries.

It has been a slow but gradual shift in attitude towards self-building from “just for the wealthy or elite” to become far more mainstream and available to all.

So this week’s budget announcements by George Osborne are music to our ears as serviced building plots provided by local councils for self-building get the green light.

Feature Article:George Osborne Announces New Right To Build Scheme

The #1 Hurdle That Stops People Self-Building Potentially Solved!

George Osborne announced in the budget this week that he wants to shatter the image of self-build shown in TV shows like Grand Designs, where it seems every couple blow millions on projects that seem out of reach or indeed out of touch for the millions of viewers that regularly tune in to the show.

Just like our European neighbours, Germany and the Netherlands, George Osborne announced that in the future people who want to build their own homes will be able to demand a plot from their local council under plans to help thousands get on the property ladder.

The new Right to Build scheme announced by George Osborne would see local authorities having to provide serviced plots where construction can proceed quickly.

This is probably one of the most significant changes in the UK under utilised self-build opportunity that we have been waiting to happen over the last few years.

Despite the glut of new houses being built throughout the UK right now, houses cannot meet the demand fast enough.

 Mr Osborne Said: “House building is up 23 per cent. But that’s not enough.”

He went on to say “‘That’s why we’re making further reforms to our planning system and offering half a billion pounds of finance to small house building firms.”

‘It’s why we’re signing city deals across the country to get more built – with a new funding deal this week for Cambridge.
‘And it’s why we’re giving people a new Right to Build their own homes and providing £150 million of finance today to support that.’

The money will be utilised to provide up to 10,000 serviced plots which will be ready to build on, with water, sewage and power supplies just as they have in both the Netherlands and Germany where self-building is common place.

The Treasury have said that it wants to emulate these countries (where tens of thousands of people build their own homes as an alternative to trying to borrow money for an existing property.

1 In 7 Brits Will Research “How To Build A Home Themselves In The Next 12 Months”

Tory MP Richard Bacon said: “‘We need to shift the perception that this is something for lawyers and retired people with a lot of money.”

‘This is a viable, sensible, practical option for a lot of people with modest means who want to get on to the housing ladder.

‘We just need to make it easier for a person or young couple to get a plot of land and build their own house.’

Well that is exactly what we at Contemporary Log Living have been working towards since 2011 and even though we knew it was coming, we didn’t know when.

Ted Stevens, Chair of the National Self Build Association (NaSBA) was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying : ‘This is the biggest demonstration of Government support the industry has ever had. It could effectively double the sector’s output in a very short period of time, and I’m confident it will lead to a massive increase in people looking to build their own homes.’

Catching Up With The Rest Of The Developed World

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For many years we have been left behind when it comes to self-building our own homes.

We all know the difficulties involved like finding a plot of land to build on, obtaining planning permission and finance and then actually building the house itself ….

But all that is about to change if the announcements in the Chancellor’s budget become a reality.

It is only a matter of time before the current mortgage and finance companies latch on to an opportunity to literally “fill in the banks” and make more finance available to people who want to self-build their next home (just as they do in Germany & the Netherlands and many other countries who have far more experience than we do in the UK right now about “self-building for everyone.”

But it is really satisfying news that at last! The UK home owner will have a viable new choice that is not too far away (and that is not exclusive to million pound budgets) and that is to be able to secure a plot of land, that has all services connected ready to self-build their dream home.

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