What To Do About Granny Annexes When A New Mobile Home Won’t Fit

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When Access For A New Mobile Home Is Restricted The Solution Is A Custom Built Mobile Home On Site

"pete cossie"Note from Pete:New mobile homes have fast emerged as the number one option for Granny Annexes in the UK.

The Local Planning Authorities are a totally mixed bag when it comes to applying for Planning Permission for these popular buildings, even though there are clear guidelines within the planning laws   that these are considered a temporary building, we have been asked at times to submit a full planning application as if we were building a house.

At all times it is best to work with the Local Planning Authorities and if you are considering a new mobile home for your parents to live in on your land (or vice versa) then the Local Planning Authority will class the building as a dwelling so the dreaded planning permission will be required.

Another stumbling block for people is having a wide enough access to allow the new mobile home to be delivered ..  so in today’s Newsletter we explain more about the on site building process for helping you get over that problem too.

Feature Article: What To Do About Granny Annexes When A New Mobile Home Won’t Fit

"new mobile home"

Mobile Homes Are Built In Two Halves Before Being Delivered To Your Site

For a lot of people the idea of having Mum, Dad or another member of the family close by as they get older is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the high quality new mobile home designs that are available today.

If you are lucky enough to live on a farm for example access to deliver the two halves that make a new mobile home may not be an issue. Most mobile homes vary in length, but the width has to be restricted because of being able to transport the buildings safely on the back of a lorry.

For many people the problem is not that they haven’t got a garden big enough to accommodate a granny annexe, but they do not have a driveway wide enough to allow the delivery of a mobile home.

A popular size for a new mobile home is 45 feet long by 22 feet wide, giving you two halves 11 feet wide. You will also need to allow for the width of the vehicle too and room to manoeuvre the vehicle for offloading and positioning the building on the base.

If You Do Not Have Sufficient Access You Can Order A Custom Mobile Home To Build On Site

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If you have restricted access then you can still benefit from all the luxury of a new mobile home by having it built on site by Contemporary Log Living.

We are just a few weeks away from launching our new range of Home Offices or Garden Studios which will also allow us the opportunity to build mobile homes and granny annexes within our factory to be re-assembled and completed on site.

This not only saves you money but it will be a much faster build time after planning permission is granted.

The process in choosing your custom built mobile home are the same as our primary mobile home ranges, the only difference will be that the outer panels will be built in our factory and re-assembled on site and then your new mobile home will be fitted out on site and assembled in two parts on site, but because of the size of the panels a narrow access will no longer be a problem.

The Dreaded Planning Permission

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We have found most Local Planning Authorities to fully back granny annexes as they not only save the council money in the long term because relatives are taking on the role of carers in some cases, but also it usually “frees up” much needed housing for renting or buying.

The Local Planning Authority will pay attention to certain physical factors that may affect planning decisions:-

  • Size and shape of the site, buildings should have adequate amenity space around them.
  • Topography. The lie of the land influences whether buildings can be built at all and the form they take.
  • Ground conditions. Land that may be liable to flooding, contaminated land, unstable land, made up land, mining etc must all be considered and overcome where possible.
  • Effect on existing buildings. Buildings that already on the site are taken into consideration and any new construction close to an existing building may affect the setting.
  • Boundaries. hedges, trees, fences and walls can all screen new buildings and might enhance the area. On the other hand you do not want a new building sticking out like a sore thumb either.
  • Trees and other vegetation often restrict development, but sometimes they provide opportunities to create a high-quality setting and help new buildings blend into the environment.
  • Neighbours. Any development should not cause loss of privacy in private areas inside or outside of adjoining properties or in the new building itself. This is determined by the position of windows, view points and gardens. 
Mobile homes are sometimes used by people building houses as temporary accommodation, however planning permission should be sought if someone is going to be living in the new mobile home permanently. If the mobile home is to self-contained accommodation you should apply for planning permission.
We can take all the stress of this away from you for a very small fee.

Then Comes The Fun Part!


While we take the stress out of the planning permission process for you and we’ve helped design your granny annexe with our free consultation service, the fun part is selecting your new kitchen, bathroom and en-suite just as you would if you were having an extension built.

In our experience we have found that keeping it simple helps! And for the most part the older generation already have furniture and have usually lived in lots of houses, large and small before making the move to a new mobile home.

The best advice is to keep things as light and airy as possible and make all the large areas neutral and light in colour. Allow for plenty of storage opportunities wherever you can and always remember that these new mobile homes are probably far better insulated than most houses so you can also look forward to low heating bills too!

You Have A New Choice .. Buy, Rent, Self-Build Or Turn Key Service … It’s Up To You

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