Why Amazing Modern Modular Homes Are Inspiring People To Build Their Dream Homes

"modern modular homes"

Modern Modular Homes Create Your Dream Home In A Very Straight Forward Manner

"pete cossie"Note from Pete: Once again snow in the UK brings the country to a complete standstill … we are just not geared up to deal with it and we don’t really need a better excuse to be able to swap the day job for sledging and building snowmen with the grandchildren instead!

So as we head into the last full week in January 2013 we thought we would put some of our new Sips Panel Homes or modern modular homes as some people call them under the spotlight.

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Whether your tastes are traditional or modern, the new modern modular homes like our Sips Panel Homes offer you a whole new dimension when it comes to self-building your dream home.

Feature Article: Why Amazing Modern Modular Homes Are Inspiring People To Build Their Dream Homes

"modern modular homes"

Introducing The Frillesas By Gotenehus of Sweden

In the UK we need a massive shake up when it comes to the way our homes are made and Scandinavia is a great place to learn from. In most European countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium it is common for home to manufactured in factories as pre-constructed panels and assembled quickly on site.

Over half of all new homes are built this way in Europe yet only 10% attempt to self-build or commission a contractor to build a custom home in the UK, we simply do not even see it as a choice we may have.

We are coming across small developers all the time looking to make an impact on this market that the government is keen to see grow, however until there is a clear-cut route to success at the Local Planning Authorities you will find yourself very frustrated from the moment you start looking for a plot of land to build on.

One of the easier routes to Local Planning success is to choose something that is architecturally different and if your LPA hates Log Homes then Sips Panel Homes might be your best choice, plus they look absolutely stunning too.

The Frillesas Is An “L” Shaped Home With Two “Wings” To Delight You

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As you can see from the floor plan, this 147 square metre home is a spacious and well designed stunning family home. This is just one of over 70 designs that Gotenehus have to offer, with new ones being added every year.

House designs are like fashion …. there is always something new, exciting and innovative to add to homes today. When you think about the massive trend in everything sleek, modern and contemporary over the last 3-5 years, our tastes and preferences change all the time.

Unlike the traditional self-build process, Sips Panel Homes come complete with foundations (*subject to site survey), the building itself fitted out with kitchens and bathrooms and installation.

This saves you 95% of what puts most people off the idea of self-building. Simply select the design and style you like, choose your kitchen and bathrooms, just as you would in a new home and then place your order.

From start to finish, your home could be completed in around 14 weeks from the moment you place your order provided you have planning permission saving you all the time and hassle involved with a comparable brick-built construction.

The Frillesas Open Plan Living Area

"modern modular homes"

With so much natural light flooding into the side elevation of this design, including the master bedroom that is situated at one end with doors opening out onto the decked area, or in the picture, the swimming pool area, you will have no problem in making the best use of this space as the “hub of the home.”

And for those that find the Open Plan Living space lacking in somewhere to get away from it all for a while, the second “wing” of this design offers exactly that, plus ample bathroom, en-suite and storage space.

With the average 4 bedroom detached home in the UK being around 110 square metres, this design boasts 147 square metres of living space and has a guideline price of £205,000 *subject to site survey.

Why Gotenehus? And Why Sweden?

Gotenehus were last year’s Ideal Home Show exhibitors, featuring one of their homes as part of the iconic Show Village in 2012. Having been to their factory and seen several of their homes in Sweden, I feel very comfortable adding these homes to our range of products and services.

We have found that some installers of Log Homes in this country fall very short of providing excellent customer service and excellent customer care. The ones that we have used in the past will be the ones we will never use again.

So when we found out the calibre of who would be building any Gotenehus homes in the UK we felt immediately at ease that they understood excellence in customer service and the importance of a high quality product especially as this is such a major purchase.

Swedish houses are typically made from sustainably forested timber frames and are designed to be warm and energy-efficient. Using renewable technologies, including  solar panels and heat pumps it is possible to build your house to code level 5 or 6.

Gotenehus have been making homes for over 80 years and will once again be exhibiting one of their designs at this year’s Ideal Home Show which runs March 15th – March 31st 2013. *The design itself will TOP SECRET until the show opens.

 You will then have the opportunity to see for yourself why we have chosen to add these amazing modern modular homes to our range of products and services in 2013 and beyond.

You Have A New Choice .. Buy, Rent, Self-Build Or Turn Key Service … It’s Up To You

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