Self-Build Log Home Kits Or Sips Panel Homes? Which Is Better?

More People Grasp The Sips Panel Home Concept Better Than The Self-Build Log Home … We Reveal The Merits Of Both

"pete cossie"Note from Pete: Since our highly successful Open Weekend in November last year we simply haven’t stopped for anything other than a few days off at Christmas before embarking on what has been a very busy start to the New Year.

With the move into new premises next month and the introduction of all our new product lines it doesn’t look like it is going to be slowing down anytime soon.

One of our new product lines for 2013 is a full turn-key service Sips Panel Home from Gotenehus of Sweden who offer a superb range of homes in multiple exterior finishes, so if your local planning authority hates wood then it is likely that a Sips Panel Home will be more to their liking.

Both the self-build log home kits and Sips Panel Homes have their merits … it is just a matter of what is best for you and your budget?

Feature Article: Self-Build Log Home Kits Or Sips Panel Homes? Which Is Better?

"scandinavian-sips-panel-homes-uk"Keeping Control Of Your Budget With Sips Panel Homes

We first came across Gotenehus at last year’s Ideal Home Show where they exhibited a contemporary style Sips Panel Home as part of the iconic Ideal Home Village. Considering that’s exactly how we started in 2011 we were keen to see for ourselves the difference between a self-build log home kit such as a Kontio Log Home and the Sips Panel Homes that people seem to understand slightly better as a concept of buying a full turn-key service to supply & fit a new build home without all the hassle that seems to be attached to self-building your dream home.

Whether you choose to self-build and buy a Log Home Kit plus foundations and having it built or choosing a full turn-key Sips Panel Home you will need to stay firmly in control of your budget and make all your decisions BEFORE anything goes into manufacture.

The manufacturing process of either cannot be changed after a certain point and you will be required to sign-off the final drawings so if decision-making does not come easy to you .. be wary!

When it comes to budgeting for a self-build project you will more than likely be keen to know the price of both the Log Home Kit version and that of the Sips Panel Home for a comparison.

On the surface the self-build log home kit may seem significantly cheaper than the Sips Panel Home option BUT you must factor in foundations, fitting the building out and hiring a contractor to build it BEFORE you dismiss the Sips Panel option as being too expensive.

The fact is BOTH are excellent value for money and BOTH can help you not only live a healthier lifestyle, but both have the potential to slash the cost of your utility bills or even get rid of them altogether.

Where Do I Start?

Working with either a self-build log home kit or a Sips Panel Home usually starts with a floor plan or design from the catalogue or website of the supplier company.

Both types of self-build home can be personalised to your taste, but we would advise that unless this is something you have done before do not get carried away on this part of the process.

By the time you have added in extra windows here & there, moved a few walls and added an extra bedroom you will have set yourself an extra’s bill running into the thousands which you will never be able to justify. The best way to work out what you want is to study floor plans and find one that comes close to matching ALL your needs.

Moving internal walls is easier than trying to move external walls so be flexible with your approach for best results. The Keep It Simple Silly rule works very well when it comes to self-building and remember at a certain point in the process you will not be able to change your mind.

When you see some of the programmes on TV about self-build disasters it is almost always because the design was changed AFTER building began.

Be absolutely sure about what your budget is and stick to it.

One of the great things about working from a standard package, or a design that has already been built and is being lived in is that many of any previous errors have been ironed out, after all you cannot walk into a David Wilson home and demand things are changed!

Where Can I See One?


The UK is very under-developed compared to Scandinavia when it comes to Sips Panel Homes and Self-Build Log Kit Homes, there are probably only a few thousand dotted throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales at this time.

The very best way to see a Sips Panel Home from Gotenehus in the very near future will be at the Ideal Home Show in March 2013. As that time comes closer we will feature all the details about it and when we will be there to greet you!

There are recent Log Home Kit installations by us in the UK that are residential so unless you are in a position where you have a plot of land to build on and are at the ordering stage, obviously we cannot request our customers have an Open House to viewings as I’m sure most of us in that position would simply hate that!

Most people who self-build in this country, whether it is in bricks and mortar or self-build log homes or indeed Sips Panel Homes do so by viewing floor plans and drawings. Of course Kontio Homes also have those wonderful virtual video tours too.

By the very nature of self-building you are building something UNIQUE to you, and therefore you will never be able to “see it” before you create it. There are places where you can stay in a Log Home for the weekend

Inside And Out What Are The Differences?

Both self-build log kit homes and Sips Panel Homes are incredibly energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and quick to build.
The Sips Panel Homes offer you am amazingly quick build time, as your home has been pre-built in the factory ready to be dismantled, delivered to your site and re-erected on prepared foundations.

This can speed up the build time considerably on site so be prepared to see walls and a roof in just a week or so.

The Self-Build Log Home Is Also Extremely Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

Both the Sips Panel Homes and the self-build log home kits offer the whole house approach when it comes to energy efficiency, either one will be considerably more energy-efficient than anything you will buy in the UK.

You will be able to find a contractor that will carry out your foundations work and we can recommend a contractor to turn your self-build log home kit into your dream home which is your best option if you have poor site access.

We have had to be very inventive about some of the site access situations in recent months, yours will probably be far more straight forward.

It’s Your Turn To Choose Your Next Move … Buy, Rent or Self-Build

You do not need to be an eco-warrior or even love to be surrounded by wood to benefit from the self-build revolution in the UK. The latest designs in Sips Panel Homes allow for all sorts of exterior finishes not just wood!

Inside either a self-build log home or a Sips Panel Home you can literally go to town on the interior design and floor plan layouts. Adding anything from underfloor heating, heat pumps and log burners to state of the art sound systems and home cinema rooms!

Building a Sips Panel Home or a self-build log home will not deviate too much from the cost of a traditional brick-built house. A mid-specification home can usually be comfortably achieved on a budget of £1000 – £1500 per square metre. The self-build log home kit option being at the lower end of the scale whereas a turnkey build is likely to stretch towards the higher end.

You Have A New Choice .. Buy, Rent, Self-Build Or Turn Key Service … It’s Up To You

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