The Self Build Portal Is A Green Light For The Growing UK Self Build Home Sector

The Self Build Portal Is Confirmation That More People Than Ever Before Will Choose To Self Build In The Future

"pete cossie"Note from Pete : As we approach mid-summers day this week it can be quite easy to ignore timescales involved with obtaining planning permissions, confirming order details and allowing for manufacturing and delivery times for self build Log Homes and Log Mobile Homes.

All of a sudden an idea you had in January will not even emerge through the Planning system by April let alone enter the ordering and manufacturing process.

Self building is definitely NOT for people to procrastinate over, the quicker you talk to the experts and get things moving the sooner you will reap the benefits.

Resources like the new Self Build Portal prove beyond doubt what we have been reporting back week in and week out about the future of self build homes in the UK and it is great to see fresh thinking emerging about why the UK is so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to self-build schemes.

Feature Article :The Self Build Portal Is A Green Light For The Growing UK Self Build Home Sector

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The new interactive Self Build Portal has Kevin Mc Cloud of Grand Designs introducing you to a new way of looking at self building in the UK and it is a confirmation that MP’s have committed to making it easier for people to self build to help ease the housing crisis.

As we reported last year, the open forum at Grand Designs in London saw the Housing Minister Grant Shapps and Kevin Mc Cloud leading the way for change and even though little seems to have changed so far, the Self Build Portal on a .GOV site is confirmation that at last something is beginning to change.

Some Recent Statistics Have Revealed

  • A Commons communities select committee report said 230,000 households were forming each year but in 2011 only 110,000 new homes were built.
  • The private sector, the volume building industry for sale has never built more than 150,000 homes a year in the UK.
  • 2010-11 saw the largest one-year fall in median income since 1981, reversing five years of (slow) growth in middle incomes in a single year.
  • Average take-home incomes fell in 2010-11 despite a modest recovery in the wider economy, as rising inflation and the delayed effects of the late 2000s recession acted to reduce living standards, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies

So with demand having outstripped supply for decades the Self Build Portal is a sign from the government that self-build schemes could be the only way to solve a growing problem as it is likely to be a major new source of housing in England but it will take further substantial changes to realise its full potential.

Government, local authorities and lenders must work together to remove the barriers that are currently restricting self-build and commit to getting these type of schemes underway quickly.

Grant Shapps has pledged to back the self-build boom and support the industry to double it’s size within the next few years. With house building at an all time low, we must see the government doing more such as launching the Self Build Portal to deliver the homes families are crying out for.

It will also have a beneficial effect on the construction industry which is so fundamental to creating jobs.

141% Rise Predicted In Mortgages Available For Self-Builders

The new package announced with the launch of the Self Build Portal at 10 Downing Street recently includes:-

A predicted 141% rise in mortgages available for self-builders over the next three years for people with an average budget of £150,000.

With the average cost of a ready built home costing over £232,000 you can already see the potential savings without the added benefits of choosing a self build Log Home for even higher energy efficiency.

Celebrities on hand to help out on providing more information for would be self-builders and help launch the Self Build Portal included:-

  • Grand Designs, Kevin Mc Cloud
  • TV Presenter George Clarke
  • TV Builder Tommy Walsh
  • Architecture expert Dan Cruickshank

Further underlining that if you are going to be one of the early birds that catches the worm you may want to start the ball rolling sooner rather than later to benefit from being one of the early adopters.

There is plenty of scope for growth here, with only one in ten of all new homes in the UK being a self-build project and that is still very small when compared to international standards in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands which Grant Shapps and Kevin Mc Cloud have been visiting and studying in detail.

Growing Support For A Growing Market Sector

If Grant Shapps and Kevin Mc Cloud make the changes required to allow people to breathe instead of stress out when it comes to choosing to self-build a home of their own design in the UK there are still many changes that need to implemented especially when it comes to support and understanding at Local Planning Authority level.

The package of measures they are proposing and endorsing by the launch of the Self Build Portal are designed to ensure that anyone looking to build their own home gets the support they need:-

  • Financially
  • Plots Of Land Available
  • Less Red Tape At The Local Planning Authorities

The Self Build Portal is just one of a number of measures this evolving  industry requires to drive forward but it certainly has the backing of the Government.

The National Self Build Association reported on the achievements since the launch of its Action Plan last year hi-lighting on particular :-

  • Improved access to finance making mortgages more available for people looking to build their own homes.
  • Making more land available by identifying more surplus land for self-build projects.
  • More builders offering self-build housing, also developers, landowners and local authorities seeking to support self-home building.
  • Cutting red tape such as the new support for people wanting to build their own home under the revised National Planning Policy Framework.
  • Access to better information through websites such as the new Self Build Portal.

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