Clever Ideas For A Successful Outside Office Whatever The Weather

In Our South East Facing Garden The Coolest Oasis In These Glorious Temperatures Is Our Insulated Outside Office

"pete cossie"Note from Pete : With the weather being so glorious this week I am busy packing some extra sun screen for this week’s Royal Bath & West Show where I will be co-hosting our two bedroom mobile home show model.

We have some big announcements still to come later this year that are going to separate us even further from our competitors who are already struggling to keep pace with the expertise required in the Self Build Log Home marketplace in the UK.

So as my grandson embarked on his first splash down in his paddling pool it is no surprise that the coolest oasis spot in our South East facing garden is my wife’s insulated outside office.

Feature Article :Clever Ideas For A Successful Outside Office Whatever The Weather

Let’s face it our weather is irrational and unpredictable all year round so when it comes to choosing to work from home and invest in an outside office you need something that will keep you toasty warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.

Making The Switch To The Perfect Outside Office

If you are moving your business from rented office space or premises where the landlord is busy gathering your rent each and every month an investment of around £10,000 for an outside office at home may be an easy decision to make.

Even at a modest rental of £300 per month it would pay for itself in under 3 years and you could then think about investing your savings for the next 10 years or more if you wanted.

Styles Of Outside Office

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Whether you like the modern glass front look of the more contemporary studio type outside office space, an insulated log cabin outside office or are thinking about the ultra stylish Lillevilla 228 insulation is the all important factor if you want to apply a little background heat when you need to and still stay at a cool temperature under the blazing sun.

Cutting corners in this will inevitably become a huge and costly false ecomony. If your outside office is a glorified shed you will need a lot of heat in the winter to maintain a comfortable working environment and in the summer months you will be sweltering rendering your whole outside office space useless whenever the sun is shining.

A fully insulated log cabin outside office is far by the best way to run an economical, outside office that is suitable all year round.

Working From Home Changes Your Environment And Therefore Changes The Way You Work

If you have been used to heading out the door every morning commuting to your office or office based job then a huge shock factor for a lot of people who make the transition to working from home is that suddenly your organised office space becomes a disorganised home office to the point that you may not even recognise yourself.

Large open plan office spaces usually have plenty of storage space, an archive section that you simply wheel off on a trolley never to be seen again and an industrial sized photocopier that is magically linked up to every computer in the office.

Organising yourself and your outside office space when there is only you, your ideas and your time available needs careful planning and executing.

Some Other Challenges You Will Face In Setting Up Your Outside Office

If you enjoy the social side of wishing everyone a cheery “Good Morning” catching up with the latest gossip at the coffee machine and lunches with your best friends at work you will find that are giving up quite a bit of what makes you day more varied and interesting if you select to become a home office based entrepreneur.

If however you are a self-motivator who enjoys the sound of birds tweeting as a background to your working day and you realise that once you get your outside office equipped and ready to go the lack of constant distractions, telephone calls, emails to attend to and office chit chat will free up tons and tons of time on which to focus on your most productive tasks.

The Fun Side Of Designing Your Outside Office Is That It Is Up To You So Go Crazy If You Like

My wife worked for several years in a corporate office environment with standard issue chairs, a computer that had seen better days and a desk space that had to adhere to fire regulations and health and safety standards it doesn’t take long to come up with a new list of must have’s for your new outside office.

Allow your outside office to reflect your personal style and tastes and apply add in personal items that your boss would not have allowed such as family or personal pictures, some scatter cushions on the sofa or comfy office chair.

If you have ever visited Disney World in Florida and taken a tour of their animation studio you will see a corporate world full of characters, pictures and photos at every desk for inspiration!

Personal effects, vision boards and artwork provide you with inspiration and motivation whenever you need it, especially when you have Newsletters to write, heck you may even get time to write a best selling novel or two.

Create An Inspiring View From Your Outside Office Window

If you have a countryside view at the bottom of your garden what better way to allow yourself time to just relax and enjoy your morning cup of coffee than a lovely view from your outside office window.

Even if you are in a backyard or near the house you can always place plants in pots to make sure your landscaping reflects a place where you can get away from it all and enjoy the freedom of working from your own office in your garden whenever you choose.

Organise Your Filing, Books And Record Keeping

One of the best books you will ever find on how to organise your entire home filing system is Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach where he diligently guides you through What he calls the Finish Rich File Folder System which should be one of the tasks you have probably been putting off for years that can now take pride of place in your outside office bookshelves.

Bulk buy some colour co-ordinated ring binders and lever arch files from your local stationery store or supermarket and start as you mean to go on by organising (just as you would in the corporate office) everything from Tax Returns and Investment Accounts To Household Accounts, Credit Cards and Insurances etc.

Then create a set of files for your business in the same way, allowing for Profit & Loss Reports, VAT Management, Tax Records and Tracking Expenses and Bank Accounts etc.

Then start creating that library you always wanted in your unique outside office of your own design. Maybe you could even through in a treadmill or exercise bike and compensate for all those sitting down years at your corporate desk by getting fit too!

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Our Next Exhibition!

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I will be at the Royal Bath & West Show for all four days at the end of this week with our associates Finnish Log Homes when we will be displaying one of our most popular sized mobile homes, the two bedroom log mobile home. If you missed us in Devon recently and would like to walk round our show model and find answers to your questions, you will be made to feel most welcome.

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