Massive Perks And Incentives For The Self Build UK Industry Announced

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Grant Shapps Unveils £30 Million For Self Build UK Homes And Vows To Rule Out Self Builders From The CIL Tax

"pete cossie"Note from Pete : : The Devon Show had a record turnout despite the inclement weather as the wind chill factor hit hard to make it feel more like minus 7 degrees on some days but the crowds kept on coming so everyone enjoyed what was a magnificent show.

Our next show will be at the end of this month when we will have a magnificent two bedroomed mobile home on display. See below for all the details.

While we were chilled to the bone in Devon last week Grant Shapps has been in the sunny Netherlands busy confirming not only that there will be a £ 30 million pound fund for self builders set up to benefit from but also confirmation that the CIL tax we reported a few weeks back will NOT apply to self build homes in the UK!

So in this week’s Newsletter we explore the perks of Self Build Homes in the UK and why you should give it SERIOUS thought

Feature Article :Massive Perks And Incentives For The Self Build UK Industry Announced

All throughout last year we witnessed first hand the changes being brought in to the UK to boost our Self Build UK home Industry which is the lowest of any developed western country in the entire world.

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The Self Build UK homes industry is at less than walking pace when compared to countries like Germany and the Netherlands who have embraced it and assisted 60% of the population to make the choice to self build possible.

For all the sustainability issues and energy efficiency savings alone these homes are without doubt the most valuable real estate of tomorrow available today and at last the schemes that Grand Designs Kevin Mc Cloud and the Housing Minister Grant Shapps have been talking about are starting to become available to you and I and the estimated 100,000 people looking to self build in the UK in the next few years.

Self Build UK Style Incentive #1 The £30 Million Pound Fund

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Grant Shapps and Channel 4’s Grand Designs presenter Kevin Mc Cloud are travelling with a UK trade delegation to the Netherlands to see first hand what can be learned from the Dutch self builders there.

It was announced that Grant Shapps is designing a £30 million pound fund to provide short-term finance to part fund land acquisition and early development costs for projects where groups of self-build homes are built at the same time.

This is very much the concept that Germany work with where a cul-de-sac of self build homes look as individual as the owners themselves a concept that is the opposite to our current new home developments which look smaller, more crammed in and less stylish than ever before.

Any monies loaned by the fund would be repaid on completion of the project and this will provide people looking to create self build UK a much needed stepping stone to being able to organise their finances effectively even from a standing start.

One of the key areas Grant Shapps has been scrutinising over why the Self Build UK market is so far behind the rest of the world in terms of proportion of homes built each year by self builders is the reluctance by lenders to provide finance for these types of projects despite them being a far more solid investment than offering 100% mortgages on new build homes that have little chance of gaining any equity over time.

Kevin McCloud said “What if we became a nation of self builders like the Dutch? What if each household in the UK had the option to build their own place? What if large-scale developers provided finished-slab, fully serviced sites for homebuilders?

It is all very exciting for us to see and hear that things are beginning to change in line with this vision and the predictions we brought to the fore front all throughout last year and into this.

Self Build UK Style Incentive #2 Self Build To Be Exempt From CIL Tax Saving Up To £30,000

Grant Shapps announces live on Self Build TV (a favourite show of ours) that the anticipated CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)Tax will not apply to self builders saving a potential £30,000 tax on some self build projects.

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While on his trip to the Netherlands Grant Shapps (above) gave the  TV snippet of news to make the announcement that we helped campaign against which would have killed the self build industry before it had a chance to begin, which was the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) it really made no sense.

In the brief but enlightening interview Grant Shapps admitted that the original legislation ruled up in 2008 did not really take into account self builders and that the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) should actually be ruled out from applying to self builders.

Grant Shapps also goes on to say that he sees the future of self build UK homes as increasing quite dramatically over the next few years as do we.

Self Build UK Style Incentive #3 Save Tens Of Thousands In VAT

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New build homes when supplied and fitted by a construction company (such as ourselves) are VAT exempt, a supply only will attract VAT, currently at 20% so it pays to find a company that is willing to do both.

If you take on the project yourself you can still reap the rewards of a one time VAT reclaim once the self build UK home is built.
This VAT reclaim is made when the house has been finished and it is a great time to receive back usually tens of thousands of pounds which you can immediately put to good use for the all important, not to mention fun part of adding the finishing touches to your new home and garden.

So there you have it three massive incentives that are designed to save you tens of thousands of pounds that form part of all the hidden costs you incur from buying a commercially built house “off the shelf as it were.”

As we have said many times before self build UK homes are not necessarily a cheap way of buying a house, the quality of one of our self build log homes is usually far higher and far more energy efficient than any timber frame / brick skin house and will ultimately present you with a real opportunity to literally cut out the middle man (the housing developers) who have no alternative but to cram in as many houses as possible on a plot to make a profit.

They certainly do not have you in mind when it comes to having a choice to live in an energy efficienct, higher quality home.

The real value is being able to build a typically £450,000 well insulated high quality home for less than half cost. If you can grasp that concept and can see that with the incentives just announced it will always be the early bird that catches the worm, that the time to self build in the UK is right now while the going is good and the incentives are high.

New Self Build UK Homes Portal Announced

To underline these changes are coming, there is a new Self Build Portal found at which we have joined today to keep pushing for even more incentives and changes to help more people build a dream home of their own right here in the UK. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

For more details of our new packages designed to our new PRODUCTS & SERVICES pages for pricing guides, what is included, our services and guarantees explained and some FRESH ideas on using Log Homes, Log Mobiles and Log Cabins in all sorts of ways.

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Latest News, Updates And Exhibition News

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Our Next Exhibition!

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I will be at the Royal Bath & West Show for all four days at the end of the month with our associates Finnish Log Homes when we will be displaying one of our most popular sized mobile homes, the two bedroom log mobile home. If you missed us in Devon recently and would like to walk round our show model and find answers to your questions, you will be made to feel most welcome.

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