8 Key Ways To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Choosing A Log Home

When Is A Log Cabin Not A Log Cabin? When It Is A Log Home

"pete cossie"Note from Pete : : It’s show time again this week as we head to Devon for the Devon County Show on the 17th, 18th and 19th May 2012.

Due to a prior engagement I will be attending on the 17th and 18th May only and our show model will be the Log Cabin style Granny Annexe / Guest Accommodation which is our keenest priced living accommodation style Log Cabin.

As the idea of living accommodation in a Log Cabin becomes a bit of a buzz phrase it is vitally important that you fully understand that £10,000 is NOT going to buy you a Log Home.

Here’s how to avoid some of the costliest mistakes when thinking about choosing a Log Home

Feature Article :8 Key Ways To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Choosing A Log Home

1. Defining Why A Log Home Is Not Just An Insulated Log Cabin

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Our love for Log Cabins has evolved from our love of sheds and now feature in gardens throughout the UK under a wide variety of uses. We covered a whole host of our favourite ideas in a previous Newsletter which you can read by clicking here, in general they are considered temporary structures.

The concept of living in a Log Cabin as a permanent home is obviously appealing to people right now struggling to either get on the housing ladder or off it and start over without the pressure of keeping up with ever increasing living expenses without the equivalent pay increases to keep pace.

The squeeze is most definitely on for a lot of people and Log Homes can provide a great solution either in the form of a mobile home or a custom kit log home.

Log Cabins can also be adapted and insulated to become suitable for living accommodation but there are huge differences between adapting a Log Cabin to live in and building a permanent Log Home.

And when it comes to costing our your project … there are some pitfalls that you need to avoid …

2. Why Are There So Many Price Variations

Most people understand that in Scandinavian countries such as Finland where our Kontio Homes come from withstand temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees in the winter and are far more energy efficient than our poorly insulated brick homes here in the UK.

However Log Cabins unless they are fully insulated, properly sited and constructed, air tight, water tight and wind tight are nothing like a Log Home Kit which is why there are sometimes huge differences in prices. The old adage of you get what you pay for is most definitely true in Log Home construction.

Cutting corners on either the product source or the installation service being offered can cause you severe and costly headaches further down the line. Do your research carefully and ask how many people will be building your home for you, it is common place for companies to send out one man and an apprentice to build your home which is neither efficient or professional but will be cheaper for the company so they may be tempted to offer you false savings in this area.

3. Most People Have No Idea What The Real Cost Of A Home Should Be

You can buy a high quality 29 square metre Lillevilla Log Cabin for around £10,000 whereas for a custom Log Home kit prices start at around £ 750.00 per square metre and the average 4 bedroom style detached home in the UK is approximately 115 square metres.

The only wood we recommend for Log Home construction is slow grown timber from within the Artic Circle. Any other wood that is mass produced or grown in areas South of the Artic Circle are going to be far less hardy and have a tendency to split.

Below is an arial photograph of the expansive Kontio factory situated close to the Artic Circle.


4. What Industry Standards Should I Look Out For

The industry standard mark for excellence is the CE Mark which our Lillevilla Log Cabins and our Kontio Log Homes both carry.

Kontio export to over 20 countries worldwide and currently Contemporary Log Living in association with Finnish Log Homes supply the UK exclusively with these high quality Log Homes that are known the world over.

The biggest export countries right now for Kontio are Russia, Japan, Germany and France where self building is far more common place than it is in the UK.

The manufacturing mastery used by Konitio is state of the art when it comes to using the latest technology to refine the slow grown timber from log to the finished product. They also have an in-depth knowledge of log building expertise and a triple AAA rating for financial strength and reliability if the company itself.

5. Where Are They Manufactured?

All Kontio Log Houses are manufactured close to the Artic Circle using renewable raw material sources. Siting the factory here allows for a lesser environmental impact. * see the photograph above for the scale of this company and it’s investment in being a world leader in Log Home manufacturing.

The production chain Kontio operate is set up to gain high control over quality and delivery reliability and it is this process orientated, quality assured production that forms part of the CE Mark Certification.

6.What Kind Of Designs Are Available And Floor Plans?

One of the most amazing benefits of working with wood lies within the architecture of the houses themselves and if you haven’t yet taken a virtual tour of one of the Kontio Homes you can take a tour now by clicking here.

Whether you are looking at the stunning stadium like Laminaria or the bungalow type Delphinium you can be assured you are making an investment of quality and reassurance that your Log Home will stand the test of time and carry prestigious certifications of excellence

Any home design can be made or adapted the floor plans are there as a guideline as to what is available, however this is your home so you can adapt the floor plan to suit your needs.

7. What The Heck Is A Laminated Log?

When you hear the word LAMINATED you immediately think of a thin layer stuck on a worktop in your kitchen, however this type of laminated log is different.

Solid rectangular logs are manufactured from pine timber by sawing, drying and planning into a log profile. Laminated logs are manufactured by gluing 2-8 separate timbers together for extra strength using the strongest parts of the wood to forms the outer walls.

Laminated logs are visually more appealing and give your Log Home a very modern appearance. Rectangular logs 95-135mm with an additional insulation layer are ideal for residential housing and provide better energy efficiency too.

Uninsulated rectangular logs 95-135mm are mainly used for holiday housing, but can also be used for residential housing in warm areas.

8. Can I Have A Log Home Without Those Log Corners Sticking Out?

The sleek CITY CORNER look can be achieved with Kontio homes using the city corner solution.

These corner joints give the house a very contemporary appearance making it suitable for a city plan development or for residential customers who prefer to not have the traditional log corners associated with log home construction.

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