10 Innovative Ideas For Imaginative Contemporary Log Cabins

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In This Consumer Designed Economy .. Imagination For Contemporary Log Cabins Is Certainly Not Lacking

"pete cossie"Note from Pete : The High Street may be suffering from a lack of foot flow at the moment, but I wonder how much of that is down to the lack of imagination of shops on the High Street not catering to the imagination of today’s consumer.

The same shops selling the same thing are on every High Street and quite frankly it makes for a boring and mundane shopping experience in most places.

What people have never lacked is imagination and everyone has a different idea for their Contemporary Log Cabin so we thought we would bring you 10 of the best ideas we have seen so far …

Feature Article :10 Innovative Ideas For Imaginative Contemporary Log Cabins

1. Swim Spa Contemporary Log Cabins

"contemporary log cabins"

For anyone wishing to take their health and fitness seriously installing a SWIM SPA into your Contemporary Log Cabin is one of the best things you can do. You can do everything from indoor Aqua Aerobics style exercises to swimming against a current you are comfortable with for one of the best ways of exercising your heart. Check out the Michael Phelps Swim Spa website for one of the best we have found.

2. The Ultimate Luxury Must Have .. The Home Cinema

Contemporary Log Cabins are perfect for creating your own Home Cinema. If you love going to the movies but hate those annoying chompers, whisperers and chatterboxes who insist on ruining every film you want to see … create your own Home Cinema in a Contemporary Log Cabin and enjoy watching your favourite movies in peace. In fact you may never see your teenagers for hours and hours on end!The system pictured above is one of Tuff Systems here in the UK.

3. Contemporary Log Cabins Make The Perfect Home Office

The Work From Home concept has become a reality for more and more people since wireless internet connections opened up the world wide web to almost anyone anywhere in the world. For a few pounds a month you can use a service like 3 Connect to make it easy to create the perfect work from home office in a Contemporary Log Cabin at the bottom of the garden. There is something very productive about leaving the house in the morning to go to the office even if it is just a few steps away!

4. Home Office For A Small Business

If you are seriously fed up with renting a tired out space in a outdated old building for an ever increasing amount of monthly rent and rates each year moving your office to your home, complete with 2-3 staff is an interesting trend right now that can save you thousands and thousands of pounds on your overheads, bring down your breakeven point to a more comfortable level and make it a contemporary and enjoyable healthy place to work in. The model shown is from the World’s number one Log Home supplier Kontio.

5. Contemporary Log Cabins Create The Perfect Home Gym

The recommendation for regular cardiovascular exercise and strength training for optimum health is now as well known as the alphabet but if you do not have the time or resources to head to the gym as often as you should, or would like to then building yourself a designated Home Gym in a Contemporary Log Cabin is probably one of the best things you can do.

Even with the best intentions, heading out to the gym and juggling a busy family life are not a good mix but setting the alarm half an hour earlier and heading to your Home Gym in the garden is a perfect way to make it part of your every day. We found a great article about the best equipment for small spaces on the Livestrong website.

6. A Home Spa Or Salon

If you are really serious about becoming self employed working from home and your skills and talents lie in professions such as hairdressing, the beauty industry or massage and therapy then you would probably love the idea of your own salon right at home in a Contemporary Log Cabin that has been adapted for exactly that purpose.

For very little extra cost we can recommend the services of own handy Andy to install anything from a mini kitchen to bathrooms and salon sink units to complete your home salon with ease.

7. The Perfect Man Zone

Men and their sheds have been a long standing joke that attracts laughter and sniggers from fellow shed lovers and rolling eyes from long suffering partners who rarely get a look in when it comes to this most prized possession. So despite the really bad image not to mention the music in the video above, when you realise what the humble shed offered you can only imagine how much more fun can be had by upgrading to a full blown Contemporary Log Cabin!

8. The Perfect Ladies Zen Den

The most precious asset we all have is TIME. You never get a moment more back and as lifestyles have got busier than ever before for a woman being able to grab a cup of tea or coffee and chill out in a Zen Den of her own is a touch of heaven on earth.

Just as men and their sheds have formed a bond, so have women and a more holistic approach to a successful work/life balance and creating a place away from it all in a Contemporary Log Cabin is becoming increasingly popular for more women too. Having an escape route for an hour every day helps you relax and recharge after a long day and makes for great reading time too.

9. Artist Studios

Part-time hobby or full blown new career having a designated artists studio is a popular use of a Contemporary Log Cabin. Whether you are great with watercolours or oils, handy with making pottery, love sewing or knitting, making cakes or jewellery cottage industries are alive and kicking thanks to the internet and high demand for home made goods.

We never fail to find plenty of artistic people visiting our stands at Exhibitions looking for a studio where they can work without disrupting the house.

10. Games Rooms

Games rooms have always been a popular way to make use of a Contemporary Log Cabin, having a room for a pool table is the perfect home entertainment for enjoying a little competitive family fun! From dart boards, mini bars and pool tables to the latest online games like the X Box Kinect 360 console you will be amazed at how much fun you can still have with friends and family when you have your very own games room.

So there we have it! Unless of course you know better …

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