3 Open Plan Living Design Ideas For Adding A Contemporary Kitchen To Your Self Build Home

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When It Comes To Open Plan Living Designing The Kitchen Is The Make Or Break Of Success

Since our launch at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court in London almost a year ago one of the key elements that over 79% of all the Ideal Home Show visitors voted for was our Open Plan Living house.

"open plan living"

Open Plan Living is something that traditional UK homes struggle to provide, apart from knocking down a few interior walls or adding a contemporary open plan living extension to the back of the house. They simply do not compare with ebing able to start from an off plan self build open plan living style house.

The thought of not having separate defined rooms for décor and furnishing options can seem daunting at first so the more places and exhibitions you can visit with Open Plan Living design ideas on show the better.

At the Ideal Home Show the kitchen was an important part of the overall design and was designed by Poggenpohl who specialise in the sleek glossy look of Contemporary kitchens which are ideal in an open plan living area.

Here are some top open plan living design ideas for that all important hub of the home, the Open Plan Kitchen:-

Make Sure Your Open Plan Living Kitchen Is The Sleekest Room In The House

Consider this part of your self build project to be the most cutting edge, the coolest sleekest part of your home with "open plan living"seriously glossy units, top of the range appliances and the latest worktops, taps, sinks and flooring.

The Ideal Home Open Plan Living house kitchen featured four top of the range built in steam appliances,  a steam microwave / browner ,  a steam microwave,  a built in coffee machine and a  steam oven. ( just think how much time saved on cleaning right there!)

A key design element of the Poggenpohl kitchen was the immense amount of storage space that was available but at the same time almost invisible thanks to the clever use of subtle sleek lines and barely there handles.

Having a huge wall of floor to ceiling cupboards leaves worktops uncluttered and negates the need for a huge run of wall units, making any wall units you choose to be smaller and more decorative in their own right.

For Open Plan Living Appliances Go For A Splash Of Colour Or Choose Glossy Black For A Chic Look

For appliances you can still opt to add in free standing cookers and add a dynamic splash of strong colour or opt for the cool chic black versions with minimalist appeal, built in invisible (and preferably silently running hint hint!) and when you are in the design process why not add in one of the latest wine coolers that add a touch of luxury and "open plan living"sophistication to any modern kitchen.

If you have the space (and this is something that is not lacking in an Open Plan Living self build home) think about adding in an island like the one shown in the Ideal Home Open Plan Living house, it is essential for more storage of course, and it hides the bulk of the actual cooking area from view without you being stuck out in the kitchen while your guests are having fun in the living or dining area.

Add in a smart breakfast bar area and you will have everyone from the children to grandparents and in laws sharing in the chopping, peeling and herb adding elements of all your meals and washing up.

If the sleek, glossy look is not for you without a touch of wood, then mix it up with a glossy finish and rich texture and expensive looking dark woods that add a touch of luxury touch. Good choices are American black walnut and Tabac oak. High gloss blacks and greys are glamourous but be wary of fingermarks if you have children and grandchildren around!

Aim To Hide Away As Much Storage As Possible

The aim is to hide away as much of the storage requirements as possible with that huge floor to ceiling wall of storage, build in as many appliances as possible using false door fronts on essentials like your dishwasher then create interest with your appliances and stand alone accessories.

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One of the most essential design elements of the Poggenpohl kitchen was to think about storage for the complimentary living areas. For example if you are thinking of designing your open plan living kitchen and it is visible from both the dining area and the living area, think about what you will be looking at from being sat down on the sofa looking towards the kitchen.

Or what will your guests see to their left and right from your dining area. Your challenge with creating and designing an open plan living space is to think almost three dimensionally and plan the whole design around maximum storage, minimum clutter.

All in all this sort of living space is the type of space you can whizz round in terms of cleaning and tidying and spend far more time doing more of what you want to do!

Open plan living .. here we come! For more interiors inspiration visit our portfolio.

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