5 Practical Steps On How To Start Self Building Your Dream Home

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How To Start Self Building? Here Are Our Top Five Steps To Make Your Dream Home A Reality In 2012

For most people the idea of how to start self building is not something that ever occurred to them before and is therefore met with a combination of excitement and confusion which unless you take the right approach from the start can easily lead to giving up before you even start.

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We are as you will see in the next twelve months looking to self build a home or two ourselves and at this moment in time we are favouring one of the new styles of home kits we will be adding in the Spring of 2012 which is the Veronica.

As we have travelled to the USA quite a bit in the last ten years or so we have always loved the Florida style homes and enjoy the element of outdoor / indoor living that we can all enjoy a little more in the UK with these milder months we seem to be having.

So here are our top five steps to making the leap from small shoebox style town house to open plan living in style with low energy bills, instant equity and teeny tiny mortgages :-

How To Start Self Building Tip #1 – Prepare For There To Be Hurdles In Your Way

Self Build is still a foreign phrase to most people, including mortgage companies, accountants and Local Planning Authorities. As you can see from the graph below the UK are pretty much at the bottom of the league when it comes to self building and therefore you can expect very little help from traditional resources when you are looking for answers to your questions about how to start self building especially for the first time.

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It is best to work with people who have a strong construction industry knowledge and people who have knowledge and practice when it comes to planning applications. Selecting the company you are going to work with during the whole process is a vital part that can give you peace of mind when you meet one or two of those hurdles that are bound to surface along the way.

How To Start Self Building Tip #2 – Use Technology To Help You Source Plots Of Land With Planning Permission

Contemporary Log Living have an internet marketer on their team in Diane, so who better to show you an easy way to find plots of land in any area using rightmove.co.uk than her.

In addition to services we recommend like Plotsearch or Plotbrowser, in this short video Diane demonstrates how you can find plots of land for sale today in your locality using the Right Move search options

How To Start Self Building Tip #3 – Get Your Finances Right To Save Stress And Worries Later

We meet a lot of people at exhibitions who are looking to downsize from their existing house and self build a home that uses less space for unwanted extra bedrooms and adds more space to the living and entertaining space for family get togethers.

In general this group of potential self build home owners will finance the whole project themselves with money to spare when they sell their existing houses.

For most young couples looking to get on the property ladder, the huge deposits required today are a problem, making the average first time buyers age at over 40 in the UK at this moment in time.

We will provide you with an exact cost on the house kit including delivery, plus we will provide you with a breakdown of all the extra essentials you will need to consider.

Everything from electrics and plumbing, solar panels or heat pumps, rain water harvesting, underfloor heating, erection of the house kit by an approved installer and contingencies for mains connections, kitchens and bathrooms.

Assess right up front the affordability factor of self building, although you can potentially save money by this process that does not necessarily mean that it is a cheap way of building a house. The benefits are that it is a better way of building a higher quality home and it will be super energy efficient and high in market value once it is complete.

How To Start Self Building Tip #4 – Seeking Planning Permission

This is the main area that lets the UK down right now and it is also the area that is currently being revamped at Government and Local Planning Authority level to make it easier for people looking to self build to get the assistance and guidance they need.

This is something that should not be attempted by the householder in an ideal world, and it is something we offer using our in house planning services which would include submitting planning, pre planning investigations and planning fees for a cost of £1200.00 + vat @ 20%. This is non refundable and no successes are guaranteed, however we have over 15 years of experience with submitting successful planning applications to rely on.

How To Start Self Building Tip #5 – Choosing Your Self Build Home Kit

As you can see from our popular Home Styles Portfolio page there is a lot of choice when it comes to self build home kits. In fact we will be adding even more in the Spring of 2012 just to demonstrate that large or small, traditional or contemporary there really is something to suit everyone’s taste and plot size.

It is easy to fall in love with some of the amazing Grand Designs style houses on offer but inreality most people currently own a home the size of the Veronica and each plot will suit the right style of home.

A great way to think about the right style for you is to think about which rooms you use the most in your house and use the floor plan as a guide for you to add more living space or a bigger master bedroom or a study, all the floor plans are flexible for you to design for your needs.

For More Help On How To Start Self Building In The UK Use Our Contact Us Page

For more details, prices and questions, please use the Contact Us Page and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours or give us a call on 01952 460200

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A problem shared is a problem halved as they say, if you want a shoulder to lean on and listening ear or two to bash then why not join us ( and have a great day out at the same time) at one of our Exhibitions in 2012.

February 14th – 19th 2012 – Caravan, Motorhome and Camping Show at Excel in London.

Check with us which days we will be on the stand if you would like to discuss your self build project with us in person.


29th March – 1st April 2012 The Home And Renovation Show In Birmingham

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Website Updates:

“Please excuse our fairy dust as we add some new portfolio pages to our website over the next few weeks!”

NO BROCHURE EXISTS with all these photos and styles in one place, the Portfolio pages are designed to be a comprehensive guide to what is available, however every enquiry is unique so don’t forget to use the Contact Us page with your enquiries and we will be happy to help.

As you will see the UK is a little way behind out European neighbours when it comes to Open Plan Living Energy efficient homes in terms of variety, styles and interior designs but we are catching up fast!

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A Talltoppen At Blackthorn Gate

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