100 MPH Winds Lashing Rain And Still The Finnish Log Home Goes Up In Cumbria

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Why You Will See Even More Finnish Log Home Constructions In The Future

We know it is a brave person that buys off plan when it comes to buying any new home, let alone a timber frame / timber clad home like the Finnish Log Home that is currently being installed in Cumbria. After battling for planning permission in this UK beauty spot the right balance was struck and the go ahead was given just a few weeks ago.

Since then it has been all go at a speed that only be achieved with timber frame homes like the Finnish Log Home in the video clip of the real time installation going up in days right before your eyes despite 100mph winds and lashing rain making it as difficult as possible.

Housebuilding in this country faces huge problems from various directions despite the Government’s drive to achieve zero carbon homes before the end of the decade. The construction industry is completely stagnant and is rapidly falling into decline. The demand for new and affordable homes has never been so high but the banks are still not lending money freely so it will be the ability to respond to this economic situation that makes this type of Finnish Log Home so special and so important moving forward in the UK.

Given the timescale involved with all the new regulations beginning to impact, the clear winners will be those companies that are already ahead of the game developing new sustainable homes that can be delivered to the mass market quickly and are both financially and aesthetically attractive to developers house builders and consumers.

Why Homes Like The Finnish Log Home In The Video Are So Vital To The UK Economic Recovery

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At its peak the housebuilding sector was producing around 240,000 homes per year, of which around 60,000 were built as social or affordable housing. Thankfully the social housing sector has provided much needed work for the construction industry until the recent Government spending cuts.

The industry is so badly affected the total new homes built in the UK slowed down to less than a thousand in the months April to September in total which caused the media to condemn and scorn the Government projections on their new homes targets recently announced.

The key areas where the consumer can win right now when it comes to opting for a Finnish Log Home or a Swedish Log Home for example is that the Local Planning Authorities are under new directives about the self building process and in particular minimising the energy requirement of the home by using a range of sustainable technologies that the European countries have already surpassed.

Scotland may well be known for its dense and beautiful forests, but Lapland it isn’t. The right conditions for true sustainable pine and spruce like the wood used in the Finnish Log Home in the video above comes from 100% sustainable forests.

Consumers in the UK are currently largely in the state of the unknown when it comes to understanding what sustainability means for housing and these homes will also be judged for their value for money appeal against the long standing investment idea of buying your own home in the UK and seeing it increase in value over time. As with all cycles, there are also decades when the value of houses in the UK will decline, such as now.

Buying A Home Like The Finnish Log Home Shown Above Will Not Always Be At The Bargain Prices They Are Today …

"self build help"The significant savings of buying a Finnish Log Home or a Swedish Log Home today will not last for long, the Planning Laws are changing fast and it will only be an affordable and wise investment within the next few years in the UK as we come to terms with a whole new, energy efficient, zero carbon footprint way of living and that is why we call it the most valuable real estate of tomorrow, available today.

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A Year Ago It Was All Systems Go For Our Ideal Home Show Launch

As we approach the run up to the 2012 Exhibition season, it was only a year ago this month that we were still in the design phase to prepare for the Ideal Home Show in Earl’s Court, London where we launched the contemporary Open Plan Living house at the show itself.

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What made the whole process so much easier was the team that brought it all together, and one of the most overlooked aspects of the show was that yes, it was a stunning house, yes the interior design was done by Maggie Colvin and Linda Barker but the house was painted superbly by the Dulux Painter of the Year Wayne De Wet.

We were just speaking to him over the weekend on Twitter and we thought we would give him a big shout out for his superb work. You can find out how you can hire his skills on his website by clicking here.

See more photos in our popular Flick’r Albums.

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Pete Cossie, Contemporary Log Living on the campaign trail for more Finnish Log Home Construction in the UK!

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