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Monday August 29th 2011

An Exhibition Favourite Of Ours Clearview Stoves

"log burning stove"Living in semi-rural Shropshire ourselves we know it well but if you were to fly over Shropshire you would be impressed by how green it is. Rolling hills and countryside abound to the North, South East and West of the county. So who would have thought that nestled in the Shropshire hills is a twenty-acre site at The Clearview works is the leading manufacturer of clean wood burning stoves.

From this stunning location the very finest British made wood urning stoves have been designed and produced since 1987 and they are a regular exhibitor at all the exhibitions such as Grand Designs and The Ideal Home Show.

Expert advice is essential when considering buying and installing a log burning stove, very much like a boiler for your central heating system it needs to be the right model that will best suit your needs. Constructed using heavy steel, precision welded and adjustable cast iron doors ensure airtight construction and durabilty for a long life.

You will find that in a highly energy efficient home like the Trend Panel Homes and the Trend Log Kit Homes a log burning stove will be the only additional source of heating you will need and it looks warm and welcoming too.

Wood is a renewable fuel that is good for the environment and best of all .. it grows on trees!

Having spent last winter with more than one power cut interrupting heating and lighting, staying cosy and dry whatever the weather is doing is something worth thinking about when it comes to creating your dream home.

Find out more about Clearview Stoves at www.clearviewstoves.com

The Low Down On High Energy Efficiency With A Heat Pump

"jorntrahus""trend home kits""self build home plans uk""swedish log home kits"We receive a lot of question about Heat Pump systems because it can be difficult to understand how taling heat from under the ground and converting it into usable heat can be so energy efficient.

The system works like a refrigerator working in reverse. The heat produced can be used for space heating and the heating of domestic hot water. A Ground Source Heat Pump cycle is highly efficient and delivers up to 4kW of heat energy for every kW of energy input into the system.

As with many of these new “fangled” technological advances they have been used for years by our European, Canadian and American friends it’s just Britain is years behind when it comes to building these types of houses.

An Air Source Heat Pump works in a similar way but instead of capturing the heat energy in the ground it uses the energy in the air. The units are generally less efficient than a Ground Source Heat Pump. Typically an air source heat pump will deliver around 3kW of heat energy for every kW of energy input into the system.

Ground and Air Source Heat Pump systems can be integrated with solar panel systems including solar hot water heating systems and also interface particularly well with under floor heating. One of the most delightful aspects of Open Plan Living is no ugly radiators.

Ground Source Heat Pumps are an ideal way to provide a new home with alternative heating. Also, when you install an air or ground source heat pump system you will be eligible for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a government scheme to help encourage the uptake of renewable energy systems.

These systems are massively destructive to existing homes but easy to implement in a new build and attaining that wonderful “even temperature” all round the house is a total luxury that very few British houses can ever experience.

The Heat Is On With Solar Power Right Now

A Solar Power Panel system works by converting energy directly from from the sun ( a DC current ) into electricity ( an AC current) . This electricity is then fed directly into the existing supply of the property where it can be used. The electricity generated is free and has no carbon emissions and for most people looking to save on rising energy costs it is an investment that needs to be carefully considered on an existing property.

For a new self-build property …. it is a “no brainer” as they say.


If you install a Solar Power Panel system you will be reducing the cost of your electricity supply and lessening your impact on the environment. In addition to this you will also be able to claim Feed in Tariff (FIT) payments for the next 25 years for the electricity you generate whether you use it yourself or not! These payments are index linked so they rise with RPI each year.

FITs came into effect on 1st April 2010. This is a UK government scheme that provides a financial incentive to install small scale renewable systems to enable the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets.

There are two payments that you receive. The first is a generation tariff which is paid to you for every unit of electricity produced (whether you use it yourself or not). The second is an export tariff which applies to the electricity that you generate but do not use.

Either way you need to carefully consider the up front investment required to install the solar panels ( and they are getting smaller and more efficient all the time) and the long term return on that investment over 25 years.

The number of Solar Panels required and the area of the roof available may affect your overall return as will whether you have a roof area that is South facing or not.

If you are only planning to stay in your current home for a year or so, your short term return on investment is probably not going to make adding Solar Power Panel systems worthwhile.


"contemporary log living""insulated garden office""scandinavian log cabins"Free pre-painted windows on all Contemporary Log Living Trend Garden Studios ordered this month!

The latest in Contemporary Log Cabins is a plaster board finish to the walls inside your Log Cabin. This can be complimented by white painted windows to give a clean, contemporary feel to your outdoor living space.

Throughout August we will be giving away pre-painted windows on every Contemporary Log Living Garden Studio worth an average of £250 for free!

See more photos on the popular “Where Can I See One?” page.

In the meantime, for more help feel free to use the Contact Us page with your enquiry.

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