Scandinavian Log Houses – Why The Talltoppen Is A Popular Choice

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Monday June 20th 2011

Why Talltoppens Are The Number One Choice For Traditional Homes

"jorntrahus""scandinavian log homes""quality timber homes"We receive a lot of enquiries about the stunning Talltoppen range of Jorntrahus homes and it is easy to see why….

The key to so much enjoyment in life is the feeling of being able to relax, socialise and enjoy family moments in the comfort of your own home.

Timber homes have been used extensively in Europe and the United States for generations and they are enjoying a surge in popularity in the UK right now as the number one choice for affordability and energy efficiency.

We will even take the hassle out of  applying for planning permission for you a part of our new turn-key services. Our standards are high:-

* Standard brief specification of our Traditional Log Homes
* 58mm slow grown Nordic Pine from sustainable sources
* Fully insulated to comply with Building Regulations
* Triple glazing as standard with a “U” value of 1.0
* Energy efficient
* Affordable
* Supplied in kit form for self assembly or we can recommend a qualified builder for you to work with   one on one
* For full specification ask for our delivery description sheet

With so many choices to make when designing your own home, using the latest technology in computer aided drawing can certainly help bring to life any individual choices you make that make your log home unique.

Feel free to use the Contact Us page with your enquiry, we will be happy to help.

Floor Plans Are Just A SUGGESTION … You Can Change The Internal Floor Plan To You And Your Family

A recent installation in the South of England demonstrates how well these energy efficient homes are making our traditional four bedroom brick built homes look a tad dated ……

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This is your chance to build a home of your own, missing out the “middle man” of course (aka the commercial developers) and bring you peace of mind during those projected energy price hikes and best of all you can design the interior yourself! Just like our customer did in the photos above .. we are here to help you have fun self-building.

Here’s a sprinkling of inspiration for you …

New Services For You …

1. We can now offer a full Planning Permission service when you order your log cabin or self-build home kit from us (a small deposit is required with order, terms and conditions apply)

2. We can also now offer Mortgages and Finance solutions to help fund your project, you will be dealing directly with our finance expert who will guide you through this emerging new house purchase.

Whether you want a classic design like the Talltoppen or a Contemporary design like the Trend Kit Homes remember the suggested floor plan is just an idea for you to adapt to suit you, in all cases your primary choice of home design should be designs that have already been given the “thumbs up” by planning authorities and this the particular strength of the Jorntrahus homes that make them affordable and unique.

Remember you do have a choice … buy, rent or self-build!

Have a great week! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and grab yourself a copy of our valuable Free Report.. remember 25,000+ self build in the UK every year!

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