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Welcome to Contemporary Log Living!

Contemporary Log Living is dedicated to bringing you the best in everything to do with self-building, interior design and granny annexes.  .  To instantly get to know a little more about what we've done recently and what we can help you with watch the short video that shows you what we are all about. 


Granny Annexes Offer You and Your Loved Ones Peace Of Mind And A Great Return On Your Investment

Sometimes we feel like the luckiest people in the world because we get to meet great people, with great stories to share about WHY building an annexe is going to make ALL the difference to them.

Annexes are the perfect solution for affordable residential style accommodation for elderly parents, young independents or single parents, first time buyers or students (who have very smart parents who work out the cost of university is roughly the same cost as an annexe but without all the debt).

Annexes, although built as a mobile home are nothing like traditional Park Homes or those awful cold caravan park style mobile homes that are not suitable for year round living.

They are extremely well insulated and have the look and feel of a modern apartment inside, plus you have FULL input when it comes to designing the kitchen and bathrooms, electrics and flooring and this is your chance to make any adaptations you need to the bathroom for future needs. We will make sure everything is wheelchair friendly and easy to maintain and get access to as part of our turn-key annexe services. We work in association with IHUS who are specialists in providing individual living spaces.

We make sure we take of everything you need by offering a free on site consultation service nationwide.


How Contemporary Log Living Began ...

Contemporary Log Living began when Pete & Diane Cossie were part of the sales and marketing team at the Ideal Home Show 2011.

We completely fell in love with the concept of open plan living and could see that the UK consumer has very little choice when it comes to self-building, large or small.

"Since then we have successfully built Log Homes and Annexes in Shropshire, Somerset, Hampshire, Cumbria, Essex, Kent, Wiltshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Hereford, Surrey, Wales and more.

We also have vast experience when it comes to Planning Permission because we've been involved with the building industry for over 30 years.

So when we show up for one of our free site consultations with you (and most of them are a 3 hour drive from where we are based) people are surprised to find that we just roll up, make you feel completely at ease and LISTEN to what you want us to help you build.

The personal service is something we offer and we build your annexe, cabin or home with a heart because we care.

Our claim to fame is that we were the sales and marketing team that went on to be the ONLY company EVER to have sold the Ideal Home Show show house.

It was SUCH an event that it ended up being featured on Amanda Lamb's My Flat Pack Home TV show when the TV crew followed it's journey to it's new location in Cornwall.


New 2017 Granny Annexe Brochure Available. Instant Download!

Introducing our latest Granny Annexe brochure (completely updated for 2017) which comes with a new 4-part email series called

"Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Granny Annexes But Were Afraid to Ask!"

Helpful, informative and the easiest way to find out exactly how to build a real little home at the bottom of the garden for Mum & Dad

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